A Timeline of the Laremy Tunsil Saga

The Laremy Tunsil saga was my favorite Draft saga ever. It doesn’t even need snark– just facts.

Here’s what happened, in order:

Twitter video

Voila_Capture 2016-04-29_09-06-06_AM

13 minutes before the Draft was scheduled to start, someone – perhaps Tunsil’s stepfather, who is suing him for some sort of attack and defamation – posted a 15-second video showing Tunsil smoking a bong through a gas mask at an undetermind point in time (but apparently it wasn’t very recent). There was also a confederate flag in the background to round out your visual experience:


Teams begin to pass

As the draft got underway, front office execs targeting Tunsil began to remove him from their draft boards, simply because there wasn’t enough time to determine what exactly was going on– a top draft pick having a video of himself smoking a bong in ridiculous fashion posted about an hour before he’s scheduled to be drafted is not a good look, apparently.

In a video on MMQB, Peter King explained the thought process among execs:

“A GM in the top half of the first round… said that… he never remembers a half hour before the draft, scouts scurrying to him basically saying we have a huge problem with one of the guys on our board. He looks at this video and he sees, oh my God, this looks like Hannibal Lecter. They discuss it… phones are blowing up, they’re calling around asking questions, and finally they just determined we can’t take this guy on our team because there’s just too many questions about him and there’s just no time to try to figure it out. That’s what a weird thing this was with Laremy Tunsil. In real-time, teams were just taking him off their board because they just simply couldn’t figure out what to make of this weird situation.”


Tunsil falls in the draft, and the memes create themselves

Voila_Capture 2016-04-28_09-33-30_PM


The Dolphins draft Tunsil


Tunsil is interviewed by Deion Sanders on NFL Network and Suzy Kolber on ESPN

Both Sanders and Kolber question him about the Tweet. He confirms that it’s him in that video and that he was hacked. He says he’s just blessed to be in the NFL.


Tunsil’s Instagram is hacked

Just minutes later, at around 9:50, someone – presumably the same someone who hacked Tunsil’s Twitter, and presumably his stepfather – hacks Tunsil’s Instagram and posts two consecutive screenshots of iMessage exchanges with someone named “John Miller,” who just happens to be the assistant athletic director at Ole Miss, in which Tunsil asks Miller for money to pay his mother’s electric and water bill. Miller tells him to see “Barney,” presumably Ole Miss’ assistant AD for high school and junior college relations:

Voila_Capture 2016-04-28_10-01-33_PM Voila_Capture 2016-04-28_10-02-01_PM


Voila_Capture 2016-04-29_09-28-28_AM


Tunsil finds out during a live radio interview that his Instagram has also been hacked (the timeline of when this interview took place is questionable– he may have already known at this point)

Deadspin originally found the audio:


Tunsil meets with his increasingly inept handlers

From MMQB:

It was less than a half-hour after the Mississippi tackle had been drafted at No. 13 by the Miami Dolphins, and two hours after his life had been rattled by a series of mystifying shenanigans. As he straddled two realities—excitement and humiliation—Tunsil was summoned into this makeshift war room to strategize. How could he explain to the world what the heck just happened? There were at least three people in the room: Amy Milam, who works with Tunsil’s agent, Jimmy Sexton; a public relations assistant from the NFL; and a Dolphins employee. Tunsil also spoke to someone on the phone. The group spitballed ideas.

“You can just leave if you want,” one of the advisors told him. Another said: “You can go back out there and just give really bland answers.” Or, he was told, “You can no-comment everything.”


Tunsil meets with the media and confirms that he took money from Ole Miss coaches


Tunsil is whisked off stage by Amy Milam, who works for his agent


Reporters can’t believe what just took place

From MMQB:

“There’s no way I heard that correctly,” a reporter in the front row said. “There’s no f—ing way that just happened.”


A fake statement from Tunsil’s agent begins making the rounds

Voila_Capture 2016-04-29_09-42-35_AM

The Big Lead reports that it’s fake, unfortunately.


And that’s it. Tunsil is a Dolphin. But in the span of just about three hours, his draft stock plummets and he manages to provide the smoking gun in what is sure to be another investigation into Ole Miss football. I NEED MORE.

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25 Responses

  1. Miami hit big on this one. The guy is probably a mental midget but isn’t asked to lead the team. Stick him on the line and have him lock down his side for 16 games for the next decade.

  2. Can see this lazy fat dumb stupid fuck out of the league within 3 years like Dion Jordan

  3. obviously the guy doesn’t want to be another ricky williams, but i’d like him to be another ricky williams; “that’s right, i smoke weed. i love weed. it’s great. i can’t believe people still think it’s a bfd. it’s not.”

  4. There pretty impressive the 1 and only time this fat fuck smoked the devil’s grass he had a gas mask on.

  5. Aw Bo, this is classic. That’s how I prep for my show every morning then I inhale a Primos.

  6. 1. The video was from when he was 17. He never failed a drug test during his college career.
    2. I have a strong feeling the texts are fake. Not saying he didn’t take money from a booster (Which really shouldn’t be an issue in the first place if the NCAA and universities didn’t exploit their labor force), but the super convenient paper trail of names and requests for money seems like Ole Miss has either the most incompetent or worst bagman in the country.
    3. Feel bad for this kid. He is losing millions of dollars for being pretty a-typical because his step dad is a sack of shit.

    1. At no point should anyone feel bad for this kid, errr man. He’s a grown ass man.

    2. Let me rebut your lawyer-ing:

      Miami said they know of the video, know it was from 2 years ago. Makes him 19 or 20.
      Secondly, And I know its hard to comprehend, the Instagram messages (not texts, but whatever) are real and he admitted to taking money from his coaches last night. Why is this so hard for you?

  7. This fat slob should’ve said yes to his step dads offer which I heard was $150,000 and a white women

  8. It really is fucked up that someone would ruin the best night of this guys life.. But he’ll be ok, cause he gonna be banging lots of white girls now.

        1. For millions of dollars, any woman would be into all kinds of stuff. Do the math, man.

  9. Anyone else see the phils sweep the nationals? Still can’t belive harper struck out on three pitches with the bases loaded and then Papelbon showed him up when he misplayed that fly ball. But no one cares now until they’re popular again so we can go to games and wear our ILL shirts.

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