Comedian on SportsCenter Does Anti-Philly Fans Piece, Gets People Real Mad

I was this close to putting comedian in quotes up there because I’ve seen Reese Waters do this stuff before and sometimes he’s alright: On SportsCenter last night (and today) they’ve been airing a Philly Fans 101 video from comedian Reese Waters where he teaches a class in fan behavior. You can watch the full video after the jump, but let me impart some quick wisdom here: I find it totally beautiful and ironic that location in which this is set, the upstairs bar at O’Neals just off of South St., is a STEELERS BAR.

You can watch the clip here if it doesn’t play on mobile.

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    1. Don’t worry….kyle will fix it.
      He’s a “WEB MASTER”…………..

  1. This was a hot fucking pile of garbage. Ofcourse they have a Redskins fan do it, someone who can’t let go of something that happened 20+ years ago (I.e. Santa, their last Superbowl)

  2. Impressively unfunny. Casted an ESPN hack, some trash from DelCo and Frankford Ave, and that hipster turd Violations Greg.

  3. stupid and unfunny video. all it does is take negative things done by fans in every major sports city in the country and tries to claim that its unique to philly. piss poor effort on their part.

    1. My Grandma raised me while my Dad was doing the Scooby Doo. Why did my Dad neglect me, waaaaah. Now all I have is Jilly and my dog.

  4. They failed to mention the fact that the players LOVE playing here. They love the fans. Remember Scottie Upshall crying when he was traded?

    1. Justin,
      Be careful when saying “playing here.” Players love playing in Philadelphia, not in zip code 17268 (the boonies of south central PA).

  5. The Philadelphia fans were the worst part, extremely cliche and over the top. Very bad representation.

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