Ed Snider’s Initials Will Be On The Ice Tonight

Nice touch.

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17 Responses

  1. I saw this 9 hours ago elsewhere. Take you all day to paste the tweets into the site?

    1. I love how liberal SNL is. Hillary is going to be a great President. She is so good at everything she does. Trump is mean. Cruz is ugly and gay.

      1. Cruz gay? I don’t think so. He consistently speaks out against gay marriage and gay rights. After all, if you all read the Bible like youre suppose to, you would know that being gay is wrong. Cruz is by far the best canidate. And may all praise be to the one true God, Jesus Christ.

  2. Not sure if your gonna read this but if you do…thank you mr. Snyder. I’m sure you won’t remember me but I met you at the KOP mall 10 years ago at an autograph signing . I told you bout my divorce and my impending bankruptcy. You Told me to keep my head up, stay strong , and to keep buying season tickets cause it was gonna be our time as Stanley Cup champs soon. Even though I lost my kids and marriage and live in my mom’s basement , the flyers have been and always will be my other family to me…..thank you mr. Snyder


    1. Ahahaha you mocking the dude who met who was it Utley what a fuckkking loser. Oh and fuckkk that dirty juuuuu Ed Snyder may he burn in H E double hockey sticks like every other nonbelieving juuuuuuuuuuuuu. From the heat of Germany and Hitler to the heat of hell and Satan.

  3. Mason fucking sucks!! Wake up you brainwashed flyer fan nerds

  4. Heard that Josh Innes visited Mr. Snider in his home and took a giant shit and the smell killed him.

  5. I hope Jason Chimera doesn’t somehow score on me on a shot from the EMS behind the Capitals goal.

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