Every ESPN Talking Head Is Taking the Capitals and I Love It


The Capitals haven’t played a meaningful game since Jeb Bush was still a thing. Meanwhile the Flyers have been playing playoff games since the Packers were still Super Bowl contenders. I love them being the underdog so much here it’s not even funny. Flyers in 5. #WinForEd

H/T to (@a_la_mone)

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10 Responses

  1. Every flyer player will be wearing peyot during the caps series. Also, Mase will be wearing a blocker made of matzo.

  2. You are the most fair weather flyers fan I have ever seen. Rarely, if ever, post legitimate hockey related content during the year, then act like you’re a diehard once playoffs start. Just stick to the Sixers, Eagles, Phillies and E! Weekly news.

    1. oh for f u ck s sake, stfu. The guys is rooting for the home town team, dude….Lets be honest, up until a month ago, the Flyers were not really anything to be talked about for the last 3 years…Except you, right? You have been cheering your ass off the whole season, right? the eff outta here, bro..

      1. bro?

        what are you in high school?

        no self-respecting man uses the term “bro” seriously.

        So get the eff outta here, you strap.

      2. Big difference between rooting for the home team, and LOVING being an underdog. Acting like he’s believed in the Flyers as the underdog all season and claiming Flyers in 5. It’s like a Philly non-Nova alum jumping on the bandwagon in March and skipping work to attend the parade. Root for the team, watch from your couch, and be happy when they win.

      3. some of us have no lives and have been watching games for the past 3 years.

        just throwing it out there, but real fans do in fact exist for the flyers.

        You do realize that people still show up, and games are still sold out in November right?

        not everyone is a bandwagon fan like you

        1. Yea, I know real flyers fan exist. You can always tell who the “real” fans are. THeyre the ones who get pissed off when a fan who isn’t a “diehard” is excited about the playoffs.
          And by the way, with all due respect, the flyers have been awful to watch the past 3 seasons, minus the last month. That’s the reality.
          You diehards can be hilarious, bro.

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