Here’s Part of Jay Wright’s Phone Call with President Obama

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

One of the many things coming Villanova’s way now is a visit to the White House. But before all that, President Obama placed a call to Jay Wright to congratulate him and – we presume in edited out portions – ask fashion advice:

Obama: “It was a great game because it wasn’t like North Carolina gave it away.”

Wright: “Yeah.”

Obama: “They had big shots and you guys came right back. But your team showed grit and [are a] really high character team.”

Wright: “I appreciate that.”

Obama: “So it was a pleasure to watch and congratulate all of ’em, and tell Jenkins that he looked pretty cool out there takin’ that shot … I’m looking forward to welcoming you guys to the White House.”

Wright: “Thanks for calling.”

Obama: “Congratulations coach.”

You can check out a clip of the phone call after the jump.


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  1. Any truth to the rumors of jay jettisoning to the nba because of the possible ncaaa sanctions that are brewing ?

    1. I can confirm that sanctions are coming shortly to Villanova’s athletic program. I can also confirm that the Sixers organization is in current contract negotiations with Coach Wright.

      1. I appreciate the backup.

        You don’t have a life either?

        I wish I could have made more out of my life. Maybe I will see you on a SEPTA bus someday.

  2. Good, glad he had time to do that, but I hope his Marxist pal Castro wasn’t trying to buzz in at the same time.

  3. I wonder if the White House censored any of the call? Like when French President Francois Hollande used the phrase “Islamist Terrorism” when he met with Obama and when the White House released the video of the meeting they censored it.

  4. He has time for trivial pop culture persuits like calling winning teams, but attending funerals for Justice Scalia and Nancy Reagan? Didn’t have the time.

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