Here’s The Patch The Flyers Will Wear to Honor Ed Snider

Photo: Tom Gulitti

Was expecting a bit more, but I think this is fitting. Flyers in 5. #WinForEd

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24 Responses

      1. That’s the worst when celebrities bring the camera crew when they are doing good deeds. Iverson use to show up at the y in west philly with sneakers and jerseys, give them out to the kids, play ball with them… No cameras, ever. Who is the class act?

  1. Who are the Flyers? Do they have a game tonight? Is there season over?

    I ask because all I’ve heard so far today is a how a football team that’s 3,000 miles away traded to move up in their draft. Along with speculation about who said team that is 3,000 miles away will select with that number one pick.

    Seriously though, I get Eagles talk drives ratings but come on, we have an actual playoff game tonight which we have not had for a long time in this town and not a peep about it.

  2. Not sure why you continue to use WinForEd when your own reporting clearly states that the majority of players/executives/etc who interacted with Ed Snider called him Mr. Snider… WinForEd is so generic… should be #WinForMrSnider

    1. After the Josh Innes show was once again trumped by a Phillies game, his royal fatness had another tempee tantrum, and stormed out of the 94wip studios.

  3. was last seen eating his way through Burger king. Trying to forget that he’s not from here and no one really cares for his lame ass act.

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