Josh Harris is In Over His Head: A Sixers Press Conference Recap

Josh Harris just finished his press conference introducing Bryan “Lil’ Jerry” Colangelo as the President of Basketball Operations. How’d it go?

Harris’ heart rate had to be through the roof, as he tried to sell the story that the now-stepped-down Jerry Colangelo had nothing to do with the fact that they just hired his son. Nope. Nothing at all. Josh probably didn’t even know they were related. Colangelo IS an incredibly common last name. “The reality is Bryan was head and shoulders above every other candidate,” Harris slithered. “The optics of it are something we’re now managing with you all … This was really my decision … I made the decision it was worth managing those optics.” What a coincidence!

Then, Harris tried to convince everyone that he was just totally surprised that Sam Hinkie resigned. Just shocked.

“We didn’t really lose faith in Sam,” Harris said. “We spent many months chatting with Sam about how to move the franchise to the next level, and I think we all agreed bringing in talent to make the organization better … to allow us to build a winning culture … we couldn’t agree on how to do that specifically and so Sam decided to leave.”

When asked how it was possible that Harris didn’t see Sam’s resignation coming, he deflected: “It’s hard for me to speak for Sam, I think you should talk to him about that.” Bryan Colangelo said it was “always the plan” to have Hinkie stay on when he came on, so at least he knows how to toe the company line.

To Colangelo’s credit, he hit every mark. He mentioned how important Hinkie’s work was. He preached development and analytics. He stressed making Philadelphia a destination for elite free agents. How this was all done is super slimy, but at least Colangelo was prepped for this presser and seemed in control. Harris was not.

For all of Sam Hinkie’s shortcomings, perhaps the biggest was that he didn’t know how to relate to people. But it’s beautifully rich that Josh Harris, who was sweating in his suit so much a migrant worker might have to craft him another one, didn’t seem prepared for people to have opinions – any opinions really – on what the Sixers have done.

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30 Responses

  1. Way too many sick rants on this post. Time for Kyle to clean this blog up, and make people log in.


      This is the real Bob and I agree there should be a login. I have been preaching for it for 2 years (and yes, I make sick rants as well). The blogger-in-chief won’t do it because the articles draw “degenerates” like myself because the content itself is catered to degenerates. Understand how this works?

  2. Kyle Scott ‎@CrossingBroad
    Twice now Colangelo has jumped in to save Josh. He might be the most incompetent owner in sports……….. Too funny. A hack blogger living in a 1 BR apartment is attacking a Wharon Grad,Harvard MBA with a net worth of $2.4 BILLION.

  3. I was picking up sandwiches a little bit ago and their press conference was on. That was some sick, creepy shit. Bryan Colangelo sounded like a politician running against Sam Hinkie. The Sixers’ PR hacks are subhuman. But we already knew that from listening to Marc Zumoff and Dei Lynam through the 2000s.

    Josh Harris looked like a lying witness in a police procedural drama. Rewatch the video from when he was asked about Adam Silver’s involvement. It’s hilarious.

  4. Any one that even cares about the Sixers has mental issues. Don’t go to the games and call Comcast and demand that

    you want out of that three tier disaster programming channel, Comcast Sportsnet and have no desire to watch the Sixers, Flyers or Phillies. You are paying these three whether you watch the channel or not. One of Comcast’s competitors would clean up if they had basic packages without Sportsnet. Truth be told, Comcast paid off the government to keep ala carte menu from being implemented.

  5. “For all of Sam Hinkie’s shortcomings, perhaps the biggest was that he didn’t know how to relate to people.”

    Yeah, that’s Hinkie’s biggest problem. Did you even read his manifesto? His biggest shortcomings are having shit for brains, rank narcissism, thinking he’s smart because he listens to TED Talks.

    And yes, I agree with you that this nepotism is weird and makes me uncomfortable.

  6. I just got done watching the press conference on the Sixers’ website and here is what I took from it:

    1. Colangelo is well-spoken, articulate and highly personable unlike the stiff known as Hinkie.
    2. When Colangelo speaks, he sounds like he has a pair of balls, unlike the basement dweller.
    3. Colangelo will use his NBA connections to get real basketball players in here that can actually play in free agency.
    4. Harris realized that Hinkie had the personality of an aardvark and had to bring in a real man with experience.

    The Sixers have finally made a good decision. Now we can actually watch a real NBA team on the court.

    1. I just rewatched the video. My God, the balls on that Colangelo. I mean, big balls, just sitting inside his suit pants. You can tell he’s a high powered executive who’s really pulled his way up through life. I’d like to have a beer with that man. Maybe more? Hey, I’m DFW.

      He’s got the great demeanor and balls to Make the Sixers Great Again. First thing he’s got to do is get rid of all the street fighters and carpet-trashers and get some grit and hustle in here.

  7. Yeah, I know your messiah is gone. It’s hurts.You may want to nail yourself to a cross, fake Bob.

    Bottom line is the geek/effeminate is gone and the Sixers can now go back to respectability and maybe further. Championships are guaranteed to no one.

    1. Who get sucked into group packages for their kids b-ball teams. Those were about half the fans when I was there.

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