Kris Jenkins and Ryan Arcidiacono Recreating The Game-Winning Shot Is One The Coolest Things Ever

I believe this is for an Andy Katz piece on ESPN which airs tonight. But, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Bang.

H/T to anonymous tipster

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20 Responses

  1. What’s amazing is the shot FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP(!!!) was cleaner than the recreation with no defenders/pressure

        1. Shut up about the Coaches vs Cancer comment ! All he said was that it was crazy to have it so early. He didn’t put much thought in the comment, but he has supported the event every year

  2. Really, this was one of the coolest things you’ve EVER seen? REALLY?

    I NEVER comment on this site, but this shit is ridiculous. Relax on the Nova stuff. I don’t want you to choke while deep-throating Jay.

  3. Jesus Christ with the nova posts . Great team, story and class act coach but it’s time to move on.
    I think you might be trolling at this point

    1. Why is it time to move on? Are the pro teams winning anything in this town? A local college team has one of the most memorable runs in NCAA tournament history and we can’t enjoy it for a week or two afterwards? If you don’t like it then go tune into one of the sports talk radio stations and listen to Eagles draft talk 24-7.

  4. haha, CASUAL READER – it never gets old. is one of THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS HISTORY and will drive you nuts for years to come. look up the stats, and the teams they beat, and the run. UN REAL. YES I SAID, UNREAL. if this was the flyerz you’d be posting videos, if this was the Eaglez you’d still be on sports radio asking who was the better franchise QB, Arch or Randall or McKnucklez. enjoy for the rest of your life because you will never see anything like it in a long long time.

    1. “Greatest moments in sports history” this has to be a joke right? Especially after spelling Eagles and Flyers with a “Z” ?

    2. yea, but the flyers and eagles are professional sports teams, and the majority of people actually like the flyers and eagles. Don’t you think people want to read content on things we actually care about?

  5. Fuck off with the fucking Nova posts already asshat. We get it, it was a good win. It is now over and time to be a grown up again and talk big boy sports.

  6. Is bob on csn now? Seems like every time I turn that show on Jillian and her bleached asshole are cranky

  7. Great job by Wright and the Villanova squad, but where are the nitwits who posted a couple weeks ago and said Archie didn’t belong on the same court as that team????

    1. Archie is hitting the books real hard right now because he needs his degree to get a job just like the rest of us. He is the definition of a college athlete. You honestly can’t argue that he did anything in the first half, had an ok second half, and then ran a screen for someone else to take the last shot. Archie is liked because he was a four year athlete, not good enough to leave early, not good enough to be a pro now, but part of the program for four years…and jay took him under his wing and gave him a ton of media attention

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