LA Rams Give Up King’s Ransom to Probably Draft QB, Make the Eagles’ Trade-Up Path Harder

Just a few years after being on the receiving end of a ton of picks swapped for the chance to draft RG3 – which has worked out well – the LA Rams just threw a treasure chest of picks at the Titans and jumped from the 15th pick to the first.

But they didn’t do it on their own. According to Bleeding Green Nation:

Part of the reason why the Rams were able to make this deal is because they owned Philadelphia’s second round pick this year from the Sam Bradford trade. I wonder if the Eagles actually tried to trade up but got outbid by the team that they gave their pick to last year. If so, ouch.

Additionally, the Titans just set a price on what the number one pick costs. The Browns are gonna want basically the same deal for number two. Feel like the Eagles probably won’t be moving up.

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13 Responses

  1. “the Titans just set a price on what the number one pick costs. The Browns are gonna want basically the same deal for number two. ”

    Umm. The Rams moved up to draft Carson Wentz aka the guy the Eagles were targeting. You don’t give up 2 1sts, 2 2nds, & 3rds to draft an offensive tackle.

    1. You also don’t give up two 1sts, two 2nds, & 3rds to draft Carson fucking Wentz.

      We should consider ourselves very lucky.

      1. they really didn’t give up two 1sts…….I’m sure they plan on using one of them to draft Wentz.

    2. Can we just take another moment to process that Jim’s first reaction on hearing the news that the LA Rams traded to 1 to get Carson Wentz was to wonder how much the Eagles would have to trade with the Browns to get Carson Wentz?

      On another note, it feels kind of neat to write “LA Rams” again. Like an old glove. Or an old girlfriend who hasn’t really gotten fatter.

  2. So that sick kids parents blew his go fund me money on a basement remodel. Maybe with the next round of funding they can build a deck or remodel the kitchen.

    1. True, his parents suck. Plus they named him Blaise, they should be arrested for that. Hope he gets better

    2. Terrible a kid gets cancer but a few questions:

      1. Why do two Nova grads need to ask for money? Don’t they have healthcare?

      2. Paul J. makes a great point – you ask for money to offset medical expenses and end up with a brand new basement? Looks shady no?

      That said hope that kid beats cancer. Terrible to see a kid hit with something like that.

      1. Give’em a break, not all ‘Nova grads are successful 6-figure bloggers like me.

  3. Talked to that cancer kid. He thinks kyle’s a f a g. For obvious reasons I’m a huge Caps fan… I have them winning the series in noine.

  4. Stop wasting picks on mediocre QB’s. Just build the best defense in the NFL.

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