LeSean McCoy Accused Lou Williams of Beating Women in Dumb Twitter Fight Last Night

During last night’s worldwide fellating of Kobe Byrant, LeSean McCoy decided praising Kobe wasn’t enough, he also had to rip into D’Angelo Russell and Lou Williams. Watch as symbols of 2012 Philly sports mediocrity battle it out on Twitter:

shay 1

McCoy, who is a Harrisburg native and frontrunner extraordinaire, either knows Lou Will from his time in Philly or from running into each other in LA. Either way, Lou didn’t take kindly to a sneaky Tweet after he finished watching Kobe take 50 shots:

shay 2

shay 3

shay 4

Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.

So LeSean McCoy just accused Lou Williams of beating women. A quick search shows no accusations against Lou (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen), and McCoy has himself had his issues with women and party buses. Either way, strong stance to take while praising Kobe, who was in Colorado that one time.

Neither of these guys are going to meet up and fist fight over some tweets – it’d be the only thing sadder that just yelling at each other over tweets – but Lou better look out next time he orders bottle service, because some champagne might go missing.

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10 Responses

  1. McCoy was definitely hammered tweeting.
    Didn’t shady beat a hooker on a party bus?

  2. Yeah, naggers dissin’ naggers!!! Does ANYBODY really give a phuc??? The only thing better is when they shute each other!!! Yeah, booyyy!!!

  3. Shady, Every Hear The Expression. “People That Live In Glass Houses, Don’t Throw Rocks”? Your Just Like Kobe When He Threw Shaq Under The Bus When He Got Himself In That Little Jam At The. Colorado Spa…

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