Lou Nolan Scolds Fans For Throwing Wristbands On The Ice

Lou Nolan is having a bad night. After being forced to warn fans for throwing light-up writsbands on the ice, he then had to inform them of a two-minute misconduct penalty. “Way to go.”

Maybe rhe wristbands were a bad idea.

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70 Responses

    1. I’d be pissed too if I paid $130 for a ticket and got back a bracelet with a yamulke and dollar sign logo. I’d toss that Chinese made crap on the ice too.

    2. JR is such a phoney. He always one of these old time hockey guys and now he offended. The guy ducked his head when he knew he was about to be hit. I’m not a flyer fan by any stretch, but give me a break here. Offended, please!!!!!!

      1. I don’t know what’s more disgusting, the flyers SHlTTY PLAY or
        the fact you ‘apparently’ paid for a used up piece of A$$ and now your bragging about it
        like you just won a chess tournament.
        NEW FLASH: If you have to pay for it, your a loser.

    3. Flyers hockey has been based on this bullying attitude since the 70’s. Their MO is the same, and has been for decades. They are a mediocre team best, and the sooner they are gone, the sooner we can enjoy watching great playoff hockey! The whole organization fails to see that the days of goons trying to play hockey have pretty much gone by. As soon as it began to get chippy (classless) last night, I turned the game off!

  1. I’ll tell you what?
    Its such a pleasure to watch the Flyers lose with what we have seen from their fans tonight. You guys are getting exactly what you deserve.
    Can’t even show some respect for your departed owner.

    Dirty team with classless, trashy fans

    1. Agree with the fans at the game tonight but come on your fans booed Snider during a moment of silence. Some fans are just losers at life whether they’re your own or the opposition.

    2. Agreed. The fans should be like the class acts in Pittsburgh who chanted “Flyers suck” during a moment of silence for Ed Snider.

    3. Agreed Penguins fan, and tomorrow, when these drunken classless Philadelphia sports fans are getting ripped to shreds by the National media for their disgraceful and very juvrnile behavior ,these lowlifes will call into local sports talk radio (97.5 94wip) complaining that they’re being picked on by the National media when it’s their very actions that give the media all the ammo they need.

    4. Booing Snider? That was really classy from Pittsburgh fans. As a Flyers fan I will readily say that we are all a bit unhinged, but that was some Delco trash getting a rise throwing things on the ice and not a representation of most fans. It was a pathetic game all around.

  2. Kyle…thanks for not mentioning me shitting the bed two games in a row!

    You’re the man.

  3. Fuck Lou !! I would knock his old ass out if he said that to my face. I wasted $130 on a ticket for that garbage . Fuck you LOU.

  4. What was the flyers game presentation committee thinking? Before the game started I could have told u the bracket was a bad idea….

  5. Beelzebub is holding Ed’s eyes open right now and forcing him to watch his beloved team: the tough guys no longer, now just another franchise that isn’t particularly good at hockey. It’s hilarious.

  6. Another example of why Philadelphia fans are scum!

    If I had to live in Flithadelphia and my sports teams all suck, then I would be fat, drunk and angry too.

    Your misery ends around this time on Wednesday night!

    1. +1 And btw, the Flyers very overrated captain Claude Giroux, should be arrested for impersonating a legitimate hockey player.

    2. I laugh every time you post on every Philly blog, as you have for many years, One Guy From The Washington Area. Nobody has any fucking idea of who the ancient players you reference are. I actually thought John Riggins was a safety for the Steelers until I looked it up.

      You’re not a rival because you’re numerically nonexistent. We don’t hate you because most of us have never even met one of you. You’re a few hundred townie hicks in a sea of smarter, more important people from across the country. Look forward to seeing you again after a Washington team does something to a Philadelphia team in 2018.

      1. How sad must one’s life be that the first thought that pops into their head after their team wins, is to go to one of the other teams’ sports blogs and make fun of them

        I’m not a flyers fan, nor much of a hockey fan anymore so i have no dog in this fight. But i do know one thing, people that do this are lonely sad people who get no ass and haven’t had any in a while

    3. Dude you’re from DC area where teams have choked year end and year out its been over 20 years since a team in that area has done anything. Another second round exit for you guys see you on the golf course

  7. Hey Ed, I know you’re on that hot lower level with Conlin and Mao, but PLEASEstop besmerching my legacy prancing out my 42 year old video for a cheap thrill for the idiots that still buy those confiscatory-priced playoff tickets. My estate counsel will be sending your ambulance chaser a cease and desist order for my video in the morning. You’re pathetic, Ed. BTW , wife #1 says hello and tell the guy down there to turn up the heat.

  8. That was bad even for Flyers fans. Orlov almost gets his neck broke on a dirty hit, and fans throw a wristband representing Mr. Snider? Absolutely sickening and disgusting . Can just hear Michael wilbon and skip bayless now

  9. I’m on my way to south philly to pick up all of those discarded bracelets. I’m gonna use them as
    c o c k rings. Oooooohhhhh. Duuu

  10. At least the no class fans will give the sports talk hosts something to talk about other then Eagles

  11. Screw you Lou.
    You have had a front row seat to these games forever, and get paid for it. If I spend my money and see a performance like that, your lucky a bracelet (that did nothing) is all that we threw. Our penalty kill looks like a bunch of peewee players. Sitting 4 in the box and let’s have a front row seat to another goal.
    ATTACK the puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, like the caps do.

  12. No surprise here. Flyers fans are losers. No class. Never had it.

    Only real baseball fans in the area know how to react in a correct matter.

    I truly hope the Flyers never win anything. Their fans are scum.

    1. I’ll add this. Fuck hockey. Dumb ass sport for idiot effeminates. Watch a real sport like baseball or football.

  13. Why do you think that the rest of the sports media doesn’t talk about hockey? It’s a bullshit sport. Everyone knows it.

  14. I’m listening to Jody Mac on WIP right now after the game and he is 1000% correct. “The Flyers fans were a disgrace tonight. To honor Ed Snider in his way is a disgrace.”

    Flyers fans are a bunch of tools. This site needs to call these punks out. I’m a 2 for 4 fan (Baseball and football). I don’t care for hockey in this city because of the rejects that follow the sport here. My opinion hasn’t changed.

    1. I agree with you about the Flyers fans, but the Eagles rejects are no better. Have you been to an Eagles game lately, as last year I heard some fan say, “Bring back Buddy Ryan!!!” Actually, all 4 Pro Team Fanbases have their share of rejects the more I think about it.

  15. Why can’t you be classy like Raider fans. We never throw anything on the field. Wait – yes we did.

    So did:
    Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincy, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, etc…..

  16. A single Penguins (or possibly Rangers) fan yelling “Flyers Suck” during a moment of silence inspires a long article full of pearl clutching comments about disrespecting Mr. Snider. Flyers fans throwing the commemorative bracelets to Mr. Snider on the ice, hitting the player who just got boarded head first, gets a short comment about “wristbands” as if they were the things signifying you’re over 21 at McFaddens. At least there will be a 6 month moment of silence to finally honor his memory.

  17. That Villanova education really paid off with spelling the correctly at the end of your three sentence post.

    V for very lazy and not using a spell checker.

  18. A few things about last night:

    -Cindy Webster, who works at WIP, is a big fraud for scolding the fans when her station is part of the problem. Angelo plays his phony schtick and gets all of the idiot sports fans in our town constantly riled up. The worst part is they make excuses all of the time that we are a misunderstood fanbase, and it plays into nights like this that everyone does it.

    -For the love of god, would the Flyers stop playing Kate Smith and please move on from the 1970’s. Yes she was good luck and 55-9 at one point in the 1970’s, but I swear I think they lose more games then they win when they trot out her ‘God Bless America’ for the past 20 years. You have Lauren Hart to sing as she is great, why can’t we just annoint her this generations Kate Smith?

    -I’m also sick of the Flyers announcers for never calling this team out as I know that comes from the top. Bobby Taylor was fired in the early 90’s for calling the team out, and now we get excuse after excuse whether its the refs or a hot goalie, etc.

    1. Ang ablow blamed the Flyers for giving out “projectiles” and playing bad. Why is this clown still on the air?

      1. Because of a diminishing group of Neanderthals who are going to be dying off soon never too be replaced. There goes his demographic!

    2. Needs to stop posing down on Twitter and Instagram like she’s some 25-yo hottie. She’s about 163 years old.

  19. Wish the flyers would have cut all that ed snider crap out and offered some sort of tribute to the broad street bullies.

  20. How about I get a bus load of 30 idiots to boo the Flyers Wednesday night?

  21. Total disgrace last night. I’ve been a Philly fan for 36 years. I’ve never fought anyone in the stands, never thrown anything on the ice/field, never used profanity directly at another fan. I’ve defended our city’s reputation time and time again. But, when jackasses behave like they did last night, it makes it impossible to defend us. What an f-ing disgrace.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Last nights loss was embarrassing, but on top of that, people add onto the pile of of shit that our reputation is as fans. This team shouldn’t have been in the playoffs, but we proved a lot of people wrong. The playoff appearance should have been viewed as a positive, that our team is headed in the right direction. But only our fans could’ve ruined that outlook on the team, heading into the off-season.

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