Timed to coincide with almost the exact start of the NFL Draft, Neil Hartman announced on Facebook that he was leaving CSN after 19 years(!):

What an honor to be part of Comcast Sportsnet since its inception. After almost 19 years I am moving on to new opportunities.Thank you loyal viewers.

Very brief. Terse, almost. I heard that security was asked not to let him in the building. That might be protocol, but given just how long Neil was there, the abrupt nature of this seems a little strange.

Sure is, Tha. Neil has been there for two decades and, along with Michael Barkann and Leslie Gudel, was among the first live voices on the network. Surprised he didn’t get some sort of sign-off.

In a statement, CSN wrote: “We would like to thank Neil Hartman for his many years of service at Comcast SportsNet and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Neil was well compensated, and I’m hearing his contract was up later this year. But that’s about the extent I know at the moment. Consider this the Bat Signal.