According to TMZ Sports, Nerlens Noel is being sued by the owners of the home he had been renting – in Conshohocken I believe – for trashing the place. The owners allege Noel caused $30,000 in damage to carpets, including Gatorade stains and water damage. Here’s what else Nerlens allegedly did to the home. Hint: It involves poo:

In their lawsuit, the owners of the home list all of the crazy damage they found including after Noel moved out in August 2015:
— “Splashed neon colored sports drinks (such as Gatorade) on the carpets throughout the home.”
— $30,000 in other damage to carpets
— Extreme water damage throughout the home
— Clogged toilets filled with cotton balls and feces
(In fact, the owners say the plumber who fixed the toilet told them the damage was so bad he told them, “Someone must not like you.”)
— Broken elevator (it’s a baller house)
— $4,000 in damage to the stove
— damage to the fridge
— damage to the blinds
— damage to dishwasher
— torn window screens

The owners say they also found weed and roaches from joints in the home — including pieces of marijuana in the master bathroom drawers.


The owners also allege that the day after the sent Noel a demand for $42,000 to fix the house, that very scary and dooming tombstone showed up at their house. They believe Nerlens put it there and “considering it a death threat.” Here’s where the whole story falls into weird territory: The owners are suing Noel for $75,000+ for all the damages and assault, “because they believe harm is imminent.” So they’re suing a rich guy who may or may not have wrecked their house for an assault that has not occurred because a pipe cleaner tombstone was at their house. Sure. That sounds like a reasonable lawsuit.