New Championship Shirts Are Now Available

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Oh my God, I swear I didn’t intend to take your money. It just happened this way.

Voila_Capture 2016-04-06_09-45-11_PM Voila_Capture 2016-04-06_09-46-18_PMVoila_Capture 2016-04-05_03-25-42_AM

Two new shirts, in additional to the Championship shirt. Three shirts overall. All printed on super-soft, poly-cotton blends. The Championship shirt will begin shipping on Friday. The others most likely next week. And yes, we accept PayPal. Bang.

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9 Responses

    1. ” Always Bangin’ ”
      Is that a picture of kyle’s boyfriend on the front.
      I don’t know why they are advertising ‘it’.

    1. I knew i saw these buffoons adair and scott somewhere.
      These 2 &^#$uckers are always down at the broad street lot during game day selling
      cheap knockoffs for $5 and bottles of water for 2$.

      &%@$*king jamokes!
      No on wants your ‘schuylkill’ river water man….I don’t care if it is filtered through your sisters under britches.

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