Penguins Fans Ruin Moment of Silence for Ed Snider by Being Dirty Yinzers

There are few more classless sports fan moves than disrespecting the honorary moment of silence. You can’t shut your fat mouth for 20seconds at worst? You just gotta make sure everyone knows you have something to say, and this is your time to say it, respect be damned?

Today’s culprits? Some. Fucking. Yinzers.

A couple of seconds in there you can hear someone yell, “Flyers Suck!” before of buncha yinz join in with “YEAH!” I get that all your city has is a shitty sandwich place and a number of bridges (and the band Rusted Root, so that’s cool), but you couldn’t go three seconds with your stupid mouths shut? “Yes, I agree that the Flyers suck. Let me raise my Coors Light in this moment of supposed respect and shout ‘YEAH’ so everyone knows I, too, am an asshole.”

It was a nice gesture by the Penguins organization, it’s just too bad Pens fans can’t be trusted to be respectful for the amount of time it takes to say their shitty city’s name.

[h/t Sons of Penn, video via r/Flyers]

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49 Responses

    1. The flyers had 2 moments of silence that last 2 games.
      Each ‘moment’ lasted 60 minutes of game time.
      They will never win another stanley cup.

    1. never was bothered by Jim’s writing until I read that…
      who the fuck cares about rusted root?

      1. Hates Primantis but liker Rusted Root?

        Maybe you would be happier having some overrated Genos with a side of even more overrated crab fries from Chickies and Thieves.

  1. Actually flyers have so many drunk fans it’s insane. For anyone from a fan base that pelted Santa Claus with ice balls, batteries at players and cheered an opponent’s potentially broken neck to call another fan base classless is a special kind of learning impaired. Flyers fans have an inferiority complex! The 40 years without a Stanley Cup? The zero Superbowl championships? The city-wide crime rate and filth? Come on! 1975!

    1. Drunken Philadelphia sports fans also:

      Booed Donovan McNabb at the 1999 nfl draft
      Shot a Chicago Bulls fan leaving a Sixers vs Bulls game in 2012
      Killed a fan outside of Citizens Bank Park
      Vomited on a little girl during a Phillies game also at Citizens Bank Park
      But I know I know; everybody always picks on poor little innocent Philadelphia.

      1. After all, the Yankee fan base that gave us:

        -Someone who stabbed a Red Sox fan at the Chowder Pot III restaurant in Branford, Conn.

        -Someone who struck and killed a Red Sox fan with her car after a confrontation in Nashua, N.H.

        -Someone who threw a 5-inch hunting knife from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium, striking Angels first baseman Wally Joyner on the arm

        -Fans who spit and threw beer at the wife of Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee – possibly affecting the team’s subsequent unsuccessful attempt to sign the left-hander.

        -A vocal history of h o m o phobia

        -The need for a guide to “How to Survive the Bleacher Section at Yankee Stadium”

        Of course, we could go on and on.

          1. don’t forget the loser Giants fan that got knocked out on the El platform after he got done running his mouth!! Go DELCO

    2. So were you too dumb to find a college in Pittsburgh? Or did you also recognize your city is a hell hole. Go get fucked

      1. Not smart enough for Carnegie-Mellon.
        Not athletic enough for Pitt.
        Not Catholic enough for Duquesne.
        Not HPV+ enough for Robert Morris.
        Not toothless enough for WVU.

      2. puke boy got his ass beat by people in the section. flyers suck guy got ‘yeahs’ and cheers.

        leaving a sixers game, or on a train in chester miles away. i guess that’s still leaving

        man who orchestrated the boo at the 99 draft is named Angelo, and is hated by many.

        or nyi fans cheering a crosby injury

        or that rich-valued Jets fan who sucker punched a woman at a football game

        or that steelers fan Andrew Robles who was arrested for punching a woman in the head

        or that steelers fan Tyler Matthys who was also arrested for punching another woman in the face

        that QB must set the standard for treating women

        or super steelers fan david grillo who smashed a beer can in another fans face, also arrested

        or that yankees fan who decided to run over a crowd of redsox fans

        just a tiny handful of ny’s and pitt’s better moments.. like all those around the nation.

        1. Woah, woah, lay off the sucker punching a woman at a football game, if she was in the kitchen where she belonged, then said sucker punch would have never happened, but fuck the rest of them.

    3. I’m sorry, didn’t you guys cheer as Lundquist was writhing in the ice in pain after taking a stick to the eye? Or was it another game I was watching? It’s nice to know how much you obsess on Philly fans that you can rattle off all these incidents. I’m sure nothing like that has EVER happened in every other arena in the country. Sarcasm off.

    4. We also gave Mario Lemieux a standing ovation when he came back from cancer.

      But I see why you’d not want to mention that, since you have a half-assed fucktard mentality.

      Did you know the Pens were a team before Crosby showed up? Suck a dick and get out of our city, you parasite.

  2. “It was a nice gesture by the Penguins organization”. Jim, they did it at the other games too, it was the NHL’s idea, Pittsburgh had nothing to do with it.

      1. You guys are letting yourselves get trolled, stop replying to these dipshits, they know we know that other places suck shit as well, but who cares, I say embrace being the worlds shitbags and toughen up.

  3. But Crossing Broad was filled with anti-Semitic jokes about snider the day he died.

    How is this any different?

  4. It’s not a big deal. They were generally respectful except for a few drunks. I’m sure most of the people there were rolling their eyes at those subhumans for making them look bad.

  5. C’mon Bro…Primanti’s ain’t nuttin like Primo’s. Me n Uncle Joe roll with The Diablo. Robbie E? C’mon bro , he’s a Medican

  6. Rusted Root is legitimately one of the most trash bands of all time. That *one* song they have that everyone likes is utter drek.

    FUck Rusted Root.

  7. No moment of silence tonight in DC. Caps fans will be cheering after all 6 goals we score. I’m headed down to 30th street to catch my train to the game tonight.
    Caps in 5. Flyers are a classless joke of an organization.

    1. Good buddy!
      Flyers top line defensively over the Caps’ head to head. What the Flyers need to do is get the Caps in the penalty box, which isn’t hard to do. Flyers had about 18 power plays in 4 games against them this year, Tom Wilson would an easy target to goad into a game misconduct, 5 minute major, and I bet that happens, possibly even a suspension.

      Flyers in 6

    2. Pick yourself up one of those nifty “XVI” caps so you’ll have something to throw on the ice when Voracek puts 3 past Holtby.

  8. Pens fans are really feeling it this year. They’re thinking this is the year man! this is the year Sid gets his 2nd cup! Watching that game last night you can see how nervous the whole fanbase is, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nice original idea on the yellow shirts as well. Kyle wouldn’t even sell those ugly things. This collapse will be the most epic of all and send that franchise down the drain been circling for the past couple years.

  9. So, i am pittsburgh native living in philly, and i have to tell you that when the flyers fans cheered lemieux when he came back from cancer, and when lemieux shook lindros’ hand in the line after the pens playoff loss to the flyers and told lindros that it was his turn, those are my two favorite memories of sportsmanship between the clubs. Also, i attended a game in pgh after tim kerr’s wife passed giving birth and there was a very long and heartfelt moment of silence.

  10. Went to the Caps – Pens game last month in Pitt, the gentleman next to me alerted me that the bohs frum wilks-bahr were really changing their fortunes.

  11. Fuck Cindy and the the Pengwhines, but are we sure it Pittsburgh fan who did this? They were playing the Rangers, after all…

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