Ryan Mathews’ Girlfriend Called Him Out for Cheating on Instagram

From a tipster who is above this stuff but knows that we aren’t: This morning, Instagram user bunnikay – who looks to be Ryan Mathews’ girlfriend (or at least “girl”) since there are pics with her and his family at Eagles games – called him out for cheating on Instagram. In a now-deleted post, she wrote:

“Ryan Mathews!!! Happy one year anniversary to the biggest lying cheating scumbag I ever met. Hope you have a lovely life with your groupies … thanks for the migraine. PHILLY GIRLS LOOK WHOSE ON THE MARKET! Flock to him please! what a gem.”

There are some heart emoji (and knife and gun ones) in there but the main event is the picture. It looks like Mathews waiting inside a gated entrance for a girl who is walking up to meet him. The hashtags after the comment call her a hooker but hey, I don’t see any exchange of money. This means one of two things: Either someone just happened upon the situation and sent her the pic or she FOLLOWED (or had someone follow) him to catch him in the act. That’s some Joey Greco level shit, and I respect that.

UPDATE: She apologized, calling Mathews an “amazing father” and “good lover.”

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65 Responses

          1. He is working on that hard hitting piece on the Schmitter at CBP. Pulitzers doubt write themselves.

      1. Anyone out there know why black athletes never dat black women?? They always go for the white trash chick or Spanish women

        1. Have you taken a gander at the landscape of the black woman? Those bitches are normally bigger than black men, and just can’t control themselves in any capacity. Black dudes like white women because they are usually better and cleaner looking and actually like to be treated like women. Black chicks love to act out and cause constant drama. I’ve even noticed things go the other way, where a pretty and intelligent black girls date white guys.

          Black women are the biggest problem in the black community

    1. Thats him. And we saw him with the girl that night she doenst like int the pic. She actually looks better than the stripper. Stripper is hurt cuz this girl in black its hot. We all know she edited that pic to make the girl look bad.

    2. Thats him. And we saw him with the girl that night she doenst like in the pic. She actually looks better than the stripper. Stripper is hurt cuz this girl in black its hot. We all know she edited that pic to make the girl look bad.

  1. That is indeed Ryan Mathews…and that girl Kayla is a stripper at delilahs and she was seein him and moved to San Diego w him….the hooker in that picture is a girl named Ameena from south jersey…..this is all true and it’s really funny

  2. Hi, this is Sal Governale, and unfortunately, yesterday on the Wrap-Up Show, I made a few comments that some considered to be racist and offensive. If I did offend you, I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart. What I was simply trying to do was make a joke over the fact that white women generally don’t have sex with black men. It was simply a joke, and the joke got out of hand, because in this situation it was true. People were offended. It doesn’t matter what type of baby you have whether it be white, black, or Italian, the important thing here, that we can learn from this, is a) you shouldn’t drink and do drugs, because you might end up in a situation that you regret, whether it be a white child or a black child, and b) I have personally learned that when I address things, I should address them in a much better way, in a specific way, as not to offend people. Black people, white people, Spanish, Italian, or whatever, whatever the case may be. I sincerely mean this. I sincerely stand behind the fact that I was joking, and I sincerely apologize over the fact that people were offended. I am not a racist. Thank you for your time.

  3. Who gives a fuck? Nonsense…big surprise that a N-IGG-A is unfaithful…why is this news? Fucking hack

      1. WTF is a cuck?
        are you cornholing chickens and other ‘fowl’ again.
        You sick barn yard *ucker!

      1. Now I understand why you are such an intelligent man, my uncle. You are so right about Ava.

  4. man that bunnikay chick is fucking smoking hot!! she he cheats on that with some fat assed pig? fucking porch monkeys

  5. the funny part is kayla already put up an apology on her instagram…watch ryan flip the script and now she will end up getting back with him when she feels she is in the wrong….ryan went with ameena like 3 times prior from what I heard…also heard joel embed is going with kayla friend Jessica fanelli.,..the one who looks like the fat khloe kardashiamn….girl always posting a selfie nexck up because she is built like baked potatoe

    kayla…ur a stripper…ur smoking hot but no athlete is gonna wife up a stripper and remain faithful

    1. Only losers put people down on the Internet. Undeserved and mean, let’s not forget childish. What else? Uneducated? At least spell words correctly next time before making fun of others. Idiot.

      Couldn’t even spelotato. Such a joke! LOL

  6. Rob Ellis had the following to say about this situation

    Bunny really “took care of business”

    Ryan “stepped up”

    Bunny realized “it is what it is ”

    Rob’s first book of cliches will hit the market on Feb 30 2017. Should be an epic read

  7. Articles like this are so inappropriate. Is this TMZ? I am in no way trying to be a goody2shoes, but seriously? Between this, flight tracker, and house’s going up for sale articles, I’m not sure which is worse, or cornier. Airing this guys laundry out there. Wow

  8. Nothing on me? Swing by my Instagram account for uplifting and oftentimes funny quotes.

    Anything on Jim tweeting all day long yet offering little in terms of content here? Kyle pays this loser? In PBRs?

  9. Did you vote on Tuesday you dill hole hipster? I’ll go with “no”.

    Also, two daddy bears leave on trains bound for Chicago. One from Seattle traveling at 113mph, one from New Orleans traveling at 127mph. Which one do you blow first ?

  10. He was seen the night before with HOT colombian. His ex probably edited the picture she posted to make her look different. A good friend of man personally know the colombian girl and she is a prestigious art dealer. Owner and ceo of an art consortium

  11. The columbian girl is my facebook friend i saw a pic she posted same night she was out with ryan and she looked amazing. she doesnt use instagram twitter or snapchat no need to get attention. how can i post a pic of her so you guys can see for yourselves

  12. do black women have to be the B word you are a rude racist as if you know every black female in the world. Like all are big. White women are naive and will do anything for sex and are vulgar and have no reapect for themselves.

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