Sixers Guard T.J. McConnell Had to Pay a Cover at Xfinity Live Because He Didn’t Have a Ticket Stub to Prove he was at the Sixers Game

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The joke that most Sixers players are pretty anonymous is a tired one, but when it comes to T.J. McConnell, it’s fairly accurate.He’s only 6’2″, he’s got the haircut of your typical South Philly lifer, and he can get a little bit of chin stubble if he tries. In other words, he doesn’t look like a professional athlete. So it’s only a little surprising that he had to pay a $10 cover after a Sixers game because he couldn’t prove he was at the game with a ticket stub:

T.J. McConnell had just finished a recent game with the Philadelphia 76ers when he and his father, a few family members and some friends decided to visit an establishment within walking distance of Wells Fargo Center. T.J. was first to the door when a worker announced there was a $10 cover charge, but free admittance with a 76ers ticket stub.

“He played,” said Tim McConnell, pointing at his son.

The worker still wanted $10.

“No, you don’t understand. He played in the game,” Tim McConnell tried to reason.

No matter. It was $10.

I really want to know how many idiots tried to use the “but I’m on the Sixers” excuse to get out of a $10 cover. I’m sure the bouncer has heard that before.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Mike White also describes McConnell’s experience making the NBA but playing for a 10-win team pretty succinctly: “It’s like eating lobster dipped in vinegar.” White’s article itself is better than whatever self-serving nonsense Hayes or Smallwood writes up on a daily basis. Reading that garbage is like smelling a shit dipped in burnt hair.


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  1. Bouncers are the biggest losers ever. Always cranky

    1. fire the bouncer today. what a lowlife. probably didn’t even watch the game on the Xfinity big screen. I will roll over the bouncer after I celebrate the flyers game 3 win without paying a cover charge.

  2. Tj looks more like your typical Irish kid from the old Elmwood section of Southwest Philly.

    Too bad the you know who’s, with their section 8 housing, destroyed a once working class neighborhood, and turned it into an open air drug market.

    1. We need an open air drug market! This prohibition shit is ridiculous. Legalize it!

  3. Mr. Snider and Goebbles have been screaming at each other since Ed got down here.

  4. Hearing Kyle is having drug problems and might give control of the site to Jim. Very fluid situation right now.

  5. “Reading that garbage is like smelling a shit dipped in burnt hair.” OR yet another Villanova post on CB.

  6. My wife made Indian food last night and the house still stinks this morning. I feel bad for anyone trapped in an apartment building with those people. Time to fumagate

  7. I don’t know what is funnier, asking for a ticket stub from someone actually claiming to have gone to a SIXERS game or not believing that he actually played for the SIXERS. Who would lie about playing for that train wreck? He should have got vip and a hug for admitting that he played for the sixers

  8. Hayes and Smalls are friends and true literary genuises here in Philly. I personannly have linked and retweeted their work 1000s of times
    I love them

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