Some Sixers fans run from the “cult” tag applied to Hinkie supporters. Others text each other asking who they can Venmo for their matching Nikes. The Rights to Rickey Sanchez podcasters (Spike Eskin and Mike Levin) and their supporters are the type to wrap themselves in the kool-aid stained blanket for warmth. And in preparation for their upcoming NBA Lottery Party, they’ve raised one last tribute to the man with the plan Process.

On what looks to be just off of I-95 southbound, north of the sports complex, the RTRS guys (along with L.L. Pavorsky Jewelers and some others) blasted Hinkie’s face in bright lights to anyone riding by, with the headline “HINKIE FOREVER.” Bryan Colangelo could win three rings here and not earn this kind of devotion, and that’s very weird and wonderful. The RTRS/Liberty Ballers Lottery Party/Irish Wake is at Xfinity Live on May 16th.