The Flyers’ Game 3 Shirt is Perfect

Photo: Flyers

Sure enough, the Flyers used artist Dave Wilkinson’s design for their Game 3 shirt. #WinForEd

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10 Responses

  1. Sucks the loser flyers are going to get swept & im not going to be able use game 5 Friday as an excuse to head out for happy hour & the game . All I wanted was a night away from the old lady & possibly commit adultery

  2. Great job on the blog today, Kyle. A whopping four after the Monday morning round up. I don’t care if it’s slow you’re barely even trying to produce content anymore. Really missing the days of 15+ Villanova blogs.

  3. The key difference between these shirts and your low quality tees is the price. You should consider charging the same price as what the shirts go for. Get it?

    Productive day today. Good news we only had one Jim post to ignore.

  4. Every post today ripped off from somewhere else hours after you covered by Pheela InfluencR.

    Bar back outhustles you again.

    If Jim put 1/3 as much energy into producing content for you as he did tweeting all day, you might not feel guilty for paying him as little as you do.

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