The Process Manifesto: Sam Hinkie Explains Why He Stepped Down

ESPN also got their hands on a letter sent to the ownership group from Sam Hinkie in which he explained his decision to step down. It certainly sounds like an effort to bring someone else in – specifically Bryan Colangelo – led Hinkie to cut the cord. Below is an excerpt from the reportedly 13-page (!!!) document:

“There has been much criticism of our approach. There will be more. A competitive league like the NBA necessitates a zig while our competitors comfortably zag. We often chose not to defend ourselves against much of the criticism, largely in an effort to stay true to the ideal of having the longest view in the room …

Given all the changes to our organization, I no longer have the confidence that I can make good decisions on behalf of investors in the Sixers — you. So I should step down. And I have.”

According to Woj, Hinkie sent this to the ownership but straight ghosted on the people who worked under him. He also reports that ownership didn’t plan on firing Hinkie and thought he’d totally be cool with having “another high-level executive on a level plane with him.” Sounds totally reasonable, right?

Kyle: I’m fully convinced this was written in cutout letters or sheep’s blood.



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  1. There will be plenty of ‘It’s about time’ takes to come, but nobody can deny the assets Hinkie accumulated while at the helm. And how perfect for the next guy, er Lil Colangelo, to step in with all these picks, centers, cap space, centers, 2nd round picks and more centers, to make something happen. One really good PG and Embiid hitting the court will be two huge steps in the Post-Process Period right off the bat. RIP Hinkie, your hoarding will serve the next guy well!

  2. He made some great trades though a la fleeced Sacramento

    1. And New Orleans. I liked the idea but there were definitely flaws in The Process. I am not surprised that someone as socially inept as Sam Hinkie is inflexible about his pwecious wittle Pwocess.

  3. Hinkie destroyed this franchise and the REAL basketball fans saw this from the beginning. Hinkie was in over his head from day 1. He had zero experience in this position and it showed with his inability to field a competitive team through the draft or free agency. Now, we finally get an experience GM in here that knows what the hell he’s doing. Enough of this statistical bullshit. Get players in here that can actually play.

    Brett Brown also needs to be gone ASAP. I don’t care if he just signed a contract extension. He has been in this losing culture so long that just removing him from that locker room will be an improvement. We don’t even know if he’s a good coach due to the slop that Hinkie have him to work with the last several years.

    Fresh reset all around.

  4. The Sixers are four years away from being three years away. What a nightmare. Like monkeys fucking a football.
    And fuck you, Josh Harris…..and you too Scott O’Neil.

  5. Seriously? All of you are ridiculous for thinking its a good thing he is gone. Sixers would be stuck in the 6-8 seed forever if it wasn’t for Hinkie. Dude had some bad luck with the lottery but this offseason was going to be huge. Now they’ll have some idiot who drafted Andrea Bargnani 1st overall controlling the team. Can’t wait.

    1. Good/great GMs don’t tank their teams for THREE straight years and get worse every year! Some bad luck in the draft? Are you joking? The draft and what you do in free agency is the only way a GMs worth can be measures.

      God you “process” people are fucking dumb. Probably why our country is falling apart.

      1. What, did you want to keep signing players like Elton Brand, Chris Weber, or Derrick Coleman? Those free agents? The Sixers have never been successful in free agency. The teams only choice was/is to build through the draft first then add free agents. Hinkie took a team with zero assests after the amazing Bynum trade and restocked their draft picks, somehow getting back what was lost.

        Yea bad luck in the draft, bad lottery luck. You think the Sixers would be in this same position if they were able to land Karl Anthony Towns, Noel, and Wiggins or Jabari Parker?

        God you haters are so close minded, no wonder this country is a mess.

        1. Bottom line: Hinkie failed in the draft and didn’t sign a quality PG and quality shooter to make the team better.

          In the real world, failure to do a good job get one replaced or fired. Hinkie got what he deserved.

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