This Is My Favorite Ed Snider Tidbit

A few years ago, a reader sent us this photo of the phone in Ed Snider’s box. They were seated there for Wing Bowl – which is a free-for-all at the Wells Fargo Center – hence their access to the owner’s box.

Now, maybe most owners have something similar. I’m pretty sure Jerry Jones has a contract killer on call for hated officials and head coaches. But just look at the destinations of the speed dials– the (then-)GM, the locker room, the PR guy (Zack Hill– spelled wrong), LOU NOLAN, and the video replay booth(!!!). Ed Snider, quite literally, had his fingers on the pulse.

He’s caught a lot of flack in recent years – from me included – but you can’t deny his passion to win, which is in stark contrast to the knucklehead currently in charge of the city’s basketball team. And it’s hard not to laugh when you picture him sitting in his box, sipping an aged Malbec, and screaming at Lou Nolan to summon an official so he can read him the riot act over a blown offsides call. The dude was one of a kind.

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15 Responses

  1. Side note to this. They had to put stuff on the numbers so they would light up when the lights went out at Mr. Sniders request.

    True story

  2. “They were seated their for Wing Bowl – which is a free-for-all at the Wells Fargo Center – hence their access to the owner’s box.”

    Know what else is spelled wrong Mr. Editor?

  3. Haha, Ed snider didn’t drink no Malbec. What is he a 30 year old broad who doesn’t know dick about wine but thinks she does?

    1. An effing aged Malbec! Hilarious.

      Yeah, a super wealthy guy with a house in California is drinking aged Malbec. Because South American wines are just so tip top.

      Now he could be drinking a Bordeaux which can and does have Malbec but no one with a clue would refer to it as such.


  4. Ed’s wife who was 45 when they started dated four years ago when Ed was 79. Suffice to say won’t be shocked if she inherits $100 million plus from Ed’s $2.5 billion dollar estate. Ed had several children so there is a lot to split up. She might have been left much more but in these cases thats when the children start contesting the will.

    1. Easy money. Even in the age of Viagra, a 75 year old man isn’t going to make her work that hard for it. She probably had some side action as part of the arrangement.

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