Villanova (and Philly) Were All over the Late-Night Talk Shows Last Night

So this is what it’s like to win it all. A montage from all the shows is after the jump.


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    1. Nova is out of the city.
      Quit jumping on the band wagon.
      Your like a sheit cowboys fan who likes em just because they won 3 superbowls over 20 years ago.
      give me abreak.

    1. Wow, that shit is crazy…. Anywho…. In honor of Villanova’s National Championship, I will be discounting all 2016 blue Pathfinders an additional $2,000 ! Plus, if you bring your wife or girlfriend down to my showroom, I will personally put my 9 incher in their pussies with no rubber and cream pie them at no extra charge…. And remember… if you cant make a deal with me… you cant make a deal with anybaady!

      1. Foxborough is in New England, just like Boston is, while the name of the team is “New England Patriots” not “Boston/Foxborough Patriots”… your argument makes no sense

  1. Why isn’t the vid of the Nova fan taking a dump in the street included in that montage

  2. Kyle

    Did someone from nova or arch’s family contact you to delete all the comments about him and to remove (from earlier article) that he followed an adult film star on twitter ?

    Side note there should be a ton of pussy Friday at the parade

  3. little tech tip: use videos that are from youtube so that they actually work! the videos on this site are sh*t and never work.

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