Connor Barwin, on the WIP Morning Show today:

“He’ll be here today. I talked to him. He’ll be here this week — he’ll be here today,” Barwin told Howard Eskin on Monday’s 94WIP Morning Show. “I feel like I’m the Sam Bradford like news — reporting for Sam. But yeah, he’ll be here today.”

“He texted me and said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’ And I said, ‘I can’t wait man.’”

Hey Sam, I’m Carson and I’m here to take your job.

Go fuck yourself.

And that’s how I imagine it going down when Sam Bradford shows up to work and ends one of the most pathetic holdouts in sports history today. He’ll practice like everyone else because, well, his other option is to basically retire (which would be fine), something that Reuben Frank very inaccurately speculated about last week. Today Reuben goes heavy on the snark:

The Eagles will say everything is fine and it’s just business, but mesahthinks the coach, Doug Pederson, whose superior, Howie Roseman, already declared Bradford the starter, won’t be too thrilled to pencil Bradford in atop the depth chart what with after bro-hugging and glad-handing Carson Wentz for the last 10 days. Bring on the drama.

Side note: I love how Bradford essentially uses likable dude Connor Barwin to be his spokesperson. Like “they can’t hate me if Connor is down with it, right?” Wrong, Sam. Keep a low profile today.