Curt Schilling Approached Fox News for a Job but They Said Nah

Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

At least now he can’t claim he’s being silenced by the left (he still will): According to Deadspin, the recently unemployed Curt Schilling reached out to Fox Sports for a gig and they declined. A network spokesperson said, “We were approached by Curt’s camp this week and passed. We’re very happy with the group we have working baseball this season.” The company that employs Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Clay Travis, and (soon) Skip Bayless took a look at Curt Schilling and decided he wasn’t worth the headache for the job he’s not that good at to begin with. That’s rough.

So what’ll he do next? Look for Schil being Schil on InfoWars any day now.


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      1. Jim, Are you having a stroke because of all of the responsibility. Fox News and Fox Sports…uhhhh

  1. Great pitcher. Many great moments. FOX might change mind if DT wins.

  2. ive lost track at the amount of mistakes jim has made today

    its just plain laziness

    lack of talent is one thing, we all know jim has that. but he tops that off by not giving a shit. how kyle the racist cant see this is beyond me.

  3. Thank you fox for not giving that loser an outlet to spew his hatred towards the lgbt community.
    And yes G O D loves us too!

  4. Dear Jim,

    Die in a fire you fucking hipster bitch.


    All readers of Crossing Broad

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