Analytics are usually all about finding out how valuable a player is in certain situations. PointAfter developed a new stat called the Player Value Index to find out who the most valuable players in the league really are. PVI incorporates Player Efficiency Rating (PER), Value Over Replacement Player (VORP), box plus-minus (BPM), win shares and usage rate into finding out who helps their teams the most. But in doing that, you can also see who is least valuable.

And we’re not talking bench scrubs:

the 323 players who qualified for consideration all played at least 41 games. Because when a losing squad reviews its season and wonders what could have been, the finger of blame isn’t pointed at the roster filler who barely got to play. It’s aimed toward the guys who had the chance to prove themselves but couldn’t seize the moment. The 25 players deemed least valuable by PVI ultimately should have seen a hefty portion of their minutes allocated to more efficient contributors.

Now you could argue “more efficient contributors” might not be available on some teams, but that’s not the point here. The point is, according to PVI, Nik Stauskas is the league’s 24th least valuable player.

Player Value Index: 34.3

Vivek Ranadive has overseen an extraordinarily dysfunctional period in Kings history. One of the most glaring instances of this was his borderline insistence on drafting Stauskas, which was gloriously captured in a behind-the-scenes look at Sacramento’s war room. In the linked clip above, Ranadive cited Stauskas telling scouts he once made 91 of 100 three-pointers in practice.

Two years into his NBA career, Stauskas has a career shooting percentage of 37.8% and now plays for the dreadful Philadelphia 76ers. His “Sauce Castillo” nickname is really the best thing he has going for him.

But Stauskas improved at the end of the year, you say. Yeah, that’s why there are 23 regular contributors worse (somehow none are Sixers … well, JaKarr Sampson is #19). At last the #1 LVP isn’t a Sixer, right? Oh, who is it? Bryan Colangelo draft pick Andrea Bargnani. Cool.