Help the Mets Give their AA Team a Terrible Name

The Mets are renaming their AA team from the Binghamton Mets to the Binghamton [insert name here]. They took thousands of submissions and have now narrowed it down to a handful. They mostly have to do with carousels. I wish we could totally sabotage their vote here, but none of the options are especially bad in comparison to the other options. They’re all equally weird. Still, you should vote to call them the Stud Muffins:

Binghamton Bullheads – A local inhabitant of the Susquehanna River, a Bullhead is a bullhead catfish. The bullhead displays a tough and resilient character such as the Binghamton community.

Binghamton Gobblers – A symbol of the rich hunting culture of the area, the “Binghamton Gobblers” honors the outdoorsman lifestyle and turkeys who call Binghamton home.

Binghamton Rocking Horses – The “Binghamton Rocking Horses” celebrates the Triple Cities’ rich history as the “Carousel Capital of the World.”

Binghamton Rumble Ponies – A tribute to the Triple Cities’ carousel heritage, the “Binghamton Rumble Ponies” is a herd of fierce horses that no carousel center pole can contain.

Binghamton Stud Muffins – While tipping a cap to the players on the field, the “Stud Muffins” celebrates the collection of carousel horses belonging to Binghamtonians.

Binghamton Timber Jockeys – Combining the fun of Minor League Baseball with the rich carousel history of the Triple Cities, the “Binghamton Timber Jockeys” pays homage to everyone that rides the carousels.

I get that they really wanna go hard on the carousel thing, but Binghamton was also the hometown of one of the great television writers and creators of all time, Rod Serling. So why not the Binghamton Twilight Zones? Or the Talky Tinas? Or the Zephys, the fictional team from a Twilight Zone episode about a robot baseball player? Those all work. Though I guess when you have the chance to call your team the Rumble Ponies, you don’t pass that up.

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  1. Whatever they choose it’ll never be as half-baked, half-assed, awful, and unoriginal as the Reading Fightin’ Phils.

    Fuck Scott Hunsicker.

    And fuck the Mets.

  2. We’re off to a great start today. Look at this content! Jim you’re so good at this.

  3. This article (and the lack of stories today) shows exactly why this blog is small time with no possibility for growth. Huge night in local sports last night, on a topic right in Jim’s wheelhouse, and he is pumping out a story on the Mets minor league baseball team. A total of four pieces, and three are on baseball. Even worse, three are written by Jim so you don’t even get the clicks, or comments that make this blog worth visiting. Another banner day at CB, but tell us more about your “original” content.

    1. BTW, the Phillies are a quarter into their season and Kyle is still researching and crafting his pulitzer winning piece on the Schmitter. You know, the story that Philly wrote about two months ago, and Kyle teased a month ago. This is gonna be some hard hitting journalism based on the time spent on it.

    2. Its like they try to suck. Every time I visit this site hoping to read about a story and see the drivel they post (or dont post) I’m like Scotty in Boogie nights after he tries to kiss Dirk. “Idiot, fuckin idiot idiot fuckin idiot! …..I should know better

  4. Only thing in binghampton is a bunch of butt buddies, so binghampton butt buddies is what i vote

  5. Should have been the Binghamton “Economic Implosions”

    Rumble Ponies???? reallly??

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