J.J. Watt Was the Best Man in a Local Wedding this Weekend

watt wedding 2

J.J. Watt is just a football player, but that hasn’t stopped him from establishing some kind of cult-hero, tall tale status. Maybe part of that is that he seems to dig the smell of his own farts and perpetuates it, and maybe some of it is that he’s a man who is built like a greek god and refuses to ever actually look bad in public. He’s a freak of nature, but he’s also a good dude. The second part of that came out at his high school football teammate’s (and college roommate’s) wedding in Merion Station this weekend where he served as Best Man.

To be honest I’m a little surprised he didn’t deliver the speech shirtless while chopping firewood to keep orphans warm, but I guess he can’t always be on. But he is sometimes on, which is why he was out in Manayunk:

J.J. Watt is just like you, but better in every conceivable way.


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    1. I’d love to be the “best man” to his wang! if you know what I mean…

  1. Wonder if he got any pussy

    1. This guy is tapping A list Kate Hudson type pussy, he sure isn’t dumpster diving in Manayunk. Leave that shit to Sean Brace types.

  2. Shjon Podein was recently spotted at Muscle Maker Grill.

    Rico Brogna took in a movie with some family last weekend.

    Charles Shackleford recently bought some new carpeting for his beach house.

  3. He banged Ava Graham, not really ground breaking news.

    I was in town for 5 hours last week and nailed the entire Villanova cheerleading team.

    1. Heard AG was heavy…and heavy into butt stuff. Can anybody confirm?

  4. I got pics and video of the flyers hc & lappy at the pearl jam concert . I’ll email them to you for 4 free months of no ads

    1. Only if Lappy and Hakstol are standing behind the bench during the concert.

  5. Kildares??? Seriously? This guy may seem cool, but he has to be a douche if he is going to Kildares.

  6. Why are douches tweeting instead of accidentally spilling Jamison shits on his pants?

    He should of went to WC kildares and ripped lines in the bathroom.

    1. he hates him because Watt is a confident white male who takes care of his body and respects other people. White guilt hipsters like Jimbo think it’s cool to mock people like him, but really it just shows their insecurity. Even if Watt wasn’t born with the athletic ability that got him to the NFL, it is likely he would still be successful in life, unlike Jim who makes his living copying other people’s work and likely resents anyone who gets up every morning and does an honest days work

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