Oh Cool, We’re Asking T.O. About Sam Bradford Now

You’re right TMZ, this is a bad look.

Notorious for his maturity and level-headedness, Terrell Owens wants you to know that he thinks Sam Bradford is being a coward. “I think it was not a great move for Sam to want to request a trade being that they were getting a #1 pick,” T.O. said, getting the only important fact wrong. “If it were me … that’s kind of a sign of a coward, to be honest.”

He’s right, Bradford is being cowardly. Not “say you’re going to hold out because you want more money, be the center of a media circus, and then show up with such a bad attitude you get suspended by the coach” cowardly, but sure, cowardly.


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        1. T.O. wouldn’t hang out with that loser spike lee.
          So it has to be someone else. I think its Wesley Snipes

          1. ESPN hosts are a bunch of chuckleheads! Lack substance. Top 50 food trucks – now that’s sports! Diddy, how come you don’t own a cell phone?

  1. Mike Miss Nellie was the T.O. of sports radio back in the day. I remember one time he started giving me a hard time about leaving candy wrappers in the studio. I grabbed Steve-O’s oxygen canister and ‘boom’ smacked Miss Nellie in the knee caps. As e screamed in pain I grabbed him by the nostrils and dragged him across the carpet , into the ladies bathroom, and nailed the door shut. Needless to say he never bothered me again.

    Those were the days.

    1. Shut up old man! Lets talk about the future of radio which is me, me, me!!! See you take bitch and you take missannelli, add them together and you get BITCHANELLI. Let’s talk more about something I once did or said!

      1. Tell us the story about meeting wrestlers again Josh. Mumble, Mumble, giggle, giggle.

  2. TO is a beast and should have been Super Bowl MVP. Missing a wide open BWest and a shotty 2 min drill prevented the legend of TErrell .

    Dude is a hall of famer and can say what he wants,

  3. T.O. was the best. Forget the fact he single-handedly destroyed the teams chances of winning anything because he held out 1 year after signing a contract. It was all McNabbs fault anyway. He should’ve given T.O. his own money. T.O. will always be an Eagle (Disregards the fact he was here for one year). Bradford should man up bc he’s made too much money and I cant understand the fact that athletes get paid a ridiculous amount. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to call both radio stations multiple times with the same useless point.

    1. Are you going to be in ‘Tremors 9 – that vein in chip kelly’s forehead’???

    1. Graham is incredibly overrated and overpaid ( and can’t write for shit).

        1. No way. Great day for sports! Nathan’s hot dog contest coming soon!!!

  4. I will always side w T.O. he came back from a injury early.. signed a waiver to play and was the best player in the super bowl.. he knew damn well after year 2 ge prob would get released. . Never asked for more money just for it to be guarenteed. HE DESERVED IT. We haven’t sniffed a serious chance at a super bowl since… if 5 would have said please guarentee his money I need him it would have been done… like it was for Westbrook. ..dumb

    1. Good comment young man . You’re on the list…IF you can guess one of the top 5 candy bars to shove up your ass.

      1. I always liked it when Mick would shove a frozen Mars bar up my ass.

  5. Why didn’t cry like a baby for me like he did for Romo? Is TO still paying child support?

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