Phils Will Wear Sweet (But Inaccurate) Throwbacks Featuring a Pillbox Hat

Coming up on June 3rd and 5th, the Phillies will throw back to the nation’s bicentennial (and the NL’s centennial) in 1976 with sweet retro unis with authentic patches and all. They look amazing. The hat is a bit off though, look at the “P”:

pilbox p

So the hat isn’t 100% accurate, but I’d argue the slight modernization/consistency of  the “P” actually looks better. Still not as good as the road unis from the same year though:

road unis

Let’s find a way to break those back out. And please guys, let’s do the high-sock stirrup thing. It just brings everything together.


5 Responses

  1. If you had any fucking Phillies history knowledge at all you would know that the P was a little off on the pillbox hats they wore in 1976 during day games and special events. So, it’s off, but it’s accurate.

    But why let someone who wasn’t even born then tell you how to do your job and get paid for it?

    The worst.

  2. what are you talking about? he literally showed you the two different hats. the one that’s going to be used for the throwback… and the one from 76.

  3. If today’s abomination of content isn’t enough for Kyle to fire Jim, then I don’t know what is.

    Some people are just not good at certain things. Jim has no writing talent or news judgement. He’s a big, fat chain smoking gay tool. There’s plenty of things he could be doing with this life. Writing for this site shouldn’t be one of them.

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