Sam Bradford Rescinded His Trade Demand Because He Had about as Much Leverage as a Snail Perched on a Ship’s Wheel

Not surprisingly, Sam Bradford’s return to the Eagles comes with a free… gift? He’s no longer demanding a trade.

From Pro Football Talk:

Sam Bradford has surrendered in his battle with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that Bradford has rescinded trade demand, will show up to offseason workouts, and is committed to fulfilling his contract with the Eagles.

Paolantonio said this morning on Mike & Mike that when Bradford first made his trade demand, Bradford’s camp thought the Eagles would trade him to the Broncos. But when that deal didn’t get done, Bradford was out of options.

Wow. Way to negotiate there, guys.


Or else what?

No that’s it. There’s no other option. If you don’t trade us to Denver, you’re going to win this pointless dick-measuring contest.

Welcome back then. Your locker is next to Wentz’s mail stall. Don’t move any of his stuff.

I bet Samantha Bradford is thrilled that he has Tom Condon at his helm.


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      1. I’d like to be a “Snail perched in a man’s wiener wheel!” if you know what I mean….

  1. Does anyone know why the Eagles would keep Bradford this year and pay him that huge contract? Do they get some sort of cap relief next year? Because to pay him that much money doesn’t make sense. He is average at best. Now he is disgruntled, how will that help him mentor Wentz?

    1. I do not think this would give them any advantages for next years cap. I see the Eagles releasing him prior to training camp and having that fruit cake from KC be the starter.

      1. obviously you dumb*&ucks haven’t been paying attention.
        He has guaranteed money coming to him in the contract.
        typical stupid philly jamokes. to lazy to find out sheit on their own.

          1. Speaking of stupid again, it’s spelled phaggs so it won’t get banned. Asshole!

  2. I am hearing Bradford to the Bears. Can someone confirm so I have something to talk about today?

    I can’t go another week of talking about chicken parm and hoagies.

    1. He was traded to the bears last week.
      Virginia Halas McCaskey texted me last week during one of our ‘fun sessions’ and told me
      she needed fresh meat and cutler wasn’t cutting it where it counts.

  3. Snail on a ship’s wheel is the stupidest thing I ever phuckin’ heard!!!

  4. Get ready folks, It will now be Samantha Bradford in every post, blurb and deadspin regurgitation going forward on this site…..

  5. Poor Poor Sam, He’ll have to do with the fifty million he has pretty much stolen from NFL owners and his semi-hot fiancé.

  6. “A snail perched on a ship’s wheel”

    Seriously, this is the dumbest, most awkward headline ever typed. It also makes no f-ing sense at all.


  7. I’m glad to see Bradford is back. I really do think he can be a super bowl contender with this Eagles tea now that Chip Kelly is gone. The guy has heart, guts, and can throw as well as Peyton Manning in his prime.

    Plus the guy is handsome. So he has good camera presents.

  8. You people are all nuts. This guy is going to follow his regular M.O. (modus operandi for you Delco illiterates) and get injured somewhere around Game 4 before coming back Week 15.

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