Spotted: Here’s Jay Wright and Josh Hart at Nick’s Roast Beef in Springfield Discussing Hart’s NBA Workouts

A tipster sent these along last night– it’s Jay Wright, Josh Hart, and I believe a new Villanova graduate assistant discussing Hart’s NBA workouts – he worked out with the Sixers earlier this week and reportedly with the Celtics yesterday – at Nick’s Roast Beef in Springfield.

According to the tipster, who was there, Wright picked Hart up from the airport and “wanted to take him to get a good sandwich” en route back to Villanova. Having grown up nearby in Springfield, I can indeed confirm the merits of the sandwich. HOWEVER, I was dismayed to learn Wright ordered cheese fries, and not gravy fries, which is grounds for stripping his Naismith Coach of the Year Award, in my view.

Hart is said to have about a 50-50 chance of coming back to Nova. He still has workouts scheduled with San Antonio and Atlanta. [Curiously, over a month ago, an anonymous tipster told us he was going to the Spurs, but I have no idea if that was based on any sort of inside information or the fact that Hart is perfect for the Spurs.] But in case you ever wanted to know what it looked like when college coaches discussed the draft process with their stars, well, this is it:

Voila_Capture 2016-05-19_08-56-20_AMVoila_Capture 2016-05-19_08-56-08_AM



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  2. Forever relegated to the children’s table, on Anthony Gargano’s meat locker Thursday’s show; that features Vai Sikahema and Brian Baldinger.

    When will Marks finally realize that Gargano doesn’t like him, and wants no part of him on his morning show?

    1. Yo if Johnny Marks gets fired can I replace him? I’m really busy right now with some great things but I would love the chance to-

      Yes Mr. Pitcher’s Pub Manager,sir, I’ll clean that toiler right away.

      Sorry guys, gotta run.

    2. I was literally thinking the same thing this morning….i got in my car, and heard baldy and vai talking, and immediately thought, “oh, guess i wont be hearing form Johnny Marks today…” I dont know how he does it…he is such a corporate puppy. End of the road is near, for JOhnny marks because of that….

    3. If he needed further proof just look at the picture they tweeted today.

  3. Gotta disagree bro – cheese fries are the way to go at Nick’s!!

  4. >Eats at Delco restaurant
    .Proves even further that Villanova is not a Philly school

  5. Josh Hart can’t come back to Nova…Jay Wright just paid for his meal. NCAA Violation waiting to happen.

  6. Kyle serious question coming from the suburbs are you afraid of black people?

  7. 20th and Jackson. All others are pale imitations.

  8. Totally disagree, Springfield Nicks has a way better combo than the others, wet meat on the outs with rab…
    Jay Wright is the man and Delco is still Philly in my opinion…

    1. Well you’re not from Philly so your opinion doesn’t matter you douche. Fuck you and fuck Chester County.

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