The Phillies Lead the Majors in Half-Priced Pizza

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of years ago, Papa John’s decided to partner with sports teams to offer their fans 50% off pizzas the day after their team did something specific. For some teams in the NBA it’s “win and score 100 points.” For the lowly Sixers, it’s just “score 90 points.” And just like in basketball, MLB teams have partnerships with Papa John’s and varying half-priced pizza triggers. This year, the Phillies have hit their trigger the most.

According to Scott Allen at DC Sports Bog, the Phillies just have to win to trigger half-priced pizza for their fans, while the Nationals have to win and score seven or more runs. The Phils are one of eight teams that only requires a win for discounted PJ’s (they have a deal with 22 MLB teams). And since the Phillies notched their 23rd win last night, they lead the majors in pizza discounts given out. It’s nice to be first in something:

pizza deals

As you can see, the spreadsheet above is accurate up to Monday (both the Phils and Pirates have added wins since then), but your very own Philadelphia Phillies, who were supposedly “tanking” this year, are the best team in all of Major League Baseball at giving you discounted pizza. That counts for something.


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  1. It’s DC Sports BOG

    Like a swamp.

    If you are going to rip off their articles, at least get the name right.

      even when they attempt to cover their tracks they Fuck that up also.

  2. ugh who the fuck eats pj pizza other than homeless people.
    that shit tastes like cardboard covered in catsup. blech.
    yeah i said catsup. not even like heinz ketchup. catsup. blech again.

  3. Papa John’s is the most godawful pizza around. One opened up the street from me a few years ago and lasted about a year. People tried it once and never went back. Don’t understand why it is so popular. I have had ketchup sandwiches that were better.

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