The Sixers Are Reportedly “Leaning Heavily” Towards Drafting Ben Simmons

Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Phillies and Sixers have the number one overall pick in each of their drafts next month. The last time a basketball and baseball team in the same city both had the top pick, the Nationals and Wizards picked Bryce Harper and John Wall. We can only hope to be so lucky.

But both teams have a big decision to make. For the Sixers, it comes down to Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram. However, the Sixers might have already made up their mind. According to Bleacher Report, citing league sources, the Sixers are “leaning heavily” towards using the top pick on LSU’s Ben Simmons. If the Sixers do take Simmons, it’ll be the third straight year they ended up with the early number one favorite, but the first time they get him without a draft-night fall due to injury. Simmons is also a 5/8 favorite in Las Vegas to be in red, white, and blue next season. I’m an Ingram guy (as are 60% of people who answered a poll at the last link), but I’m not sure you can go wrong either way.


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  1. Did any of the other 2 people who watch breakfast on broad notice creep Scott O’Neil groping Jillian “bleached asshole ” Mele this morning???
    He reminded me of George costanza on that bra episode.

    1. Great life. Get to sleep at 8pm and not being able to watch a single sporting event and then having to leave CSN studios in South Philly and make the trek to City Line Avenue for the radio show.

  2. Dario Saric 6′ 10″
    Ben Simmons 6′ 10″
    Nerlens Noel 6′ 11″
    Jahlil Okafor 6′ 11″
    Joel Embiid 7′ 2″

    Sounds like the Sixers are putting together their own version of the Space Jame Monstars.

  3. “But both teams have a big decision to make. For the Sixers, it comes down to Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram. However, the Sixers might have already made up their mind.”

    And the Phillies?! And the PHILLIES?! What decision do they have to make?

    Excellent writing as usual Jim. Introduce that both teams have a decision to make and then only address one of them.

    How did you get this gig again?

  4. If Jim wants Ingram the whole world should want Simmons

    Jim is a grade A dumbass who sucks at everything and on every dick that comes his way

  5. Simmons is THE guy. He’s always been THE guy. Remember everyone questioning Wiggins and his attitude and fire? Don’t get cute. Don’t overthink it. Take the guy with the biggest upside. It’s Simmons.

  6. Ben Simmons will be a flop and here’s why;

    His face… he has a very soft look to him, no eye of the tiger
    His speed… not fast enough for the NBA
    His manufactured confidence…. he never beat anyone… most of his highlight tape is against North Florida
    His brain… he looked like he was trying to figure out the college game still… not a good sign for a #1 overall pick.

      1. Nevertheless, Simmons will be a bust because the 6ers will pick him number 1.

        How about some Phillies posts Kyle? You know the only local pro team actually playing right now.

    1. Heard Simmons is a sex and weed addict too

  7. I’m leaning heavily towards taking a massive dump tomorrow morning

  8. …always good to find support from a poll.

    It’s not even close, and you’re not right.

  9. 6ixers are going to sucker some team with the 4th,5th or 6th pick by packaging Noel with the 24th and 26th to get the guard they want. That team will regret that trade for years to come.

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