Watch Tyler Goeddel and Cameron Rupp End It In Exciting Fashion

All-around perfection. Great throw. Great block. Great call. Sure, Cameron Rupp might be dead, but that’s cool, he held the ball up for everyone to see. Wood in the morning.

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26 Responses

  1. Rupp definitely got tommy Joseph’d after that collision . Best defensive play since Adam Rowand face fucked the wall

    1. Really dude, you might want to revaluate your life decisions. You are a sad individual.

  2. Great play! Buy Rupp a shot and a bottle of Advil. He’s going to feel like crap tomorrow.

  3. Sam Bradford held out and lost the locker room. The Eagles should ride with Daniel and Wentz. You can’t trust Bradford to lead the locker room anymore

    1. Sad thing is the unlistenable sports radio in philly will be talking about Wentz and Sammy bug eyes all day everyday & not mention the phils

      1. I was listening to 97.5 Friday afternoon and they had Ellis + Mayes in place of Missanelli who was off. This was a big chance for them to shine in Drive Time. Put on a special show right.

        I listened while driving around(2-4) and it was just about all about same tired Sam Bradford contract drama.zzzzzzzzzzzzz was expecting better from them.

        1. Last week was the 1st week in ages I couldn’t turn sports radio on because of the nonstop Bradford talk. Makes it worse that his drunken agent won’t shut his mouth & sal pal making up lies

    1. Was glad rube was fired but I do think he deserves a nice ovation when the redsox come to cbp. Shame the white trash philly fan will boo him

    2. Klentak did nothing of substance over the offseason. Shellickson still Stinks,Morton pulled up lame,Howard is still an albratross,galvis is still hitting .230 . Velasquez was a great addition but thats about it.

      Its bizarre how the same sad sack bunch that was 11-26 last year is 22-15 this year.

    1. Audrey , you dont like my over the top” fanboy” exuberance? I’m shocked.

  4. I turn on the radio and what do you know, he’s talking Sam Bradford. Then for some reason he cuts himself off to rip people who say they tired of hearing about Bradford and the Eagles because it’s May 15th. Radio hosts have completely lost it in this city. They say the people want to talk eagles and Bradford but then in the same breath rip people who want to hear about other teams like I don’t know the Phillies and the Sixers draft. All it shows is that they are so insecure about their other sports knowledge that they need to go back to the well and regurgitate the same topic over and over and hope the same callers, who call with nicknames and try to hear their own voice, call in. Embarrassing

    1. can not wait to wake up tomorrow morning and hear people like Shirley and Kenny from the dirty 30 call up and complain about Bradford

    2. Lombardo is a Lehigh Valley/ Eddie Munster looking media member, who thinks he invented the game of sports.

      I strongly believe that media members like Matt Lombardo, have an over inflated sense of self worth, and believe that they’re some type of celebrity.

      1. Lets give ny boy Matt a little respect huh. Would you rather listen to 8 HRs of Shandler + Moesher?

        1. Shandlers . What UP !!!. Moeshers . What UP!!!

          Thats all I got for today Yo!

    3. Yeah, I normally shit on people who whine about the Eagles coverage because this is a football town in a football country and the media will talk about what people want to hear… but this is getting a little bit fucking ridiculous. Sam Bradford was irrelevant in-season, much less in May. I don’t care if he shits or goes blind. This is the least important Eagles offseason in decades. Their coach is retarded, their GM is an assistant GM, and they’ve got 3 lottery tickets at quarterback with the next drawing not until September. Maybe it all works out, but there’s nothing else to talk about. Give it a fucking rest.

    4. Doesn’t waste time with trivia contests, talks all sports.

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