Crossing Streams (Episode 48): Live at New Media Studios

Jim, John and I were live at New Media Studios on Thursday. Joined by Sales Guy Ed, we talked about the compelling nature of the NBA Finals and how appointment viewing has come to define TV. The Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton campaign that will sweep the nation. How hockey is ruined. Ben Simmons. Which faux commenter spurred the real person to reach out to me. And we take your questions.

Brought to you by New Media Studios: Record your podcast or spoken word in a professional environment.

Voila_Capture 2016-06-13_03-54-19_PM


Get all the links to subscribe and download, as well as previous episodes, on our show page. Or, search “Crossing Streams” in your favorite podcast app. I recommend Overcast, which is highly rated and FREE in the App Store– turn on Voice Boost and Smart Speed for the best listening experience.

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15 Responses

    1. I hate the fact that I keep coming back to this site. Not much longer though; even the comments suk.

  1. No doubt, the both of you have faces for blogs.

    To offer some obvious clarification: the old saying was about “a face for radio…” but you two fucking queefs are max-ugly…too ugly even for the a.m. radio.

    *barfing into my tucked in shirt*

  2. so many fucking crackers in this picture

    jesus christ get these honkeys off the screen….have some color for once

    we know kyle loves white people but at least try to throw in a knee gear or two

    1. Knee gear? You dumb uneducated spook it’s knee grow. Now go and have some watermelon on the front porch of your government assisted house I hope the bullets don’t fly too close tonight.

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