Dario Saric Says He’s Coming, Part 11

Dario Saric is coming. He’s said as much about a dozen times before, yet it’s still not set in stone. Today, he said it again.

According to an auto-translate (thanks, SkyNet!), Dario Saric told Slobodna Dalmacija:

“Everything is going in the direction that this decision happen. I’m waiting to finish this tournament to once again sit down and make a deal and go to the signing of the contract in America… I have another year of contract with Efes and Perasović wants to stay, but I promised the people that will come after two seasons. The menu is what was promised the most important. If you are a man of your word, no matter what is on paper.”

I don’t think what he said actually translates to “menu” but I need to know more about it anyway. The tournament Saric speaks of, an Olympic qualifying tourney, runs from July 4th to 9th in Turin, Italy. Croatia has already qualified, however.

This has been said before, but this time it got a Marc Spears retweet. That’s big:

dario spears

He could make more money by staying in Turkey another season, but Dario is a man of his word. And his menu.

The deadline for Dario to reach a deal with the Sixers is July 17th, that gives Bryan and Dario’s agent about eight-days to hammer out the finer details.

UPDATE: Marc Spears essentially reports the above.

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13 Responses

    1. I talked to Dario yesterday and he said he’s looking forward to taking what’s left of the sixers fans…money so he can play for a
      SHITTY team for the next 5 years. He told me he’d rather play for a SHITTY team like the sixers than eat another gyro in Istanbul.
      Furthermore he said the fast food here in the USA is less SHITTY than the fast food in Turkey.
      And he likes that cheesesteak head ‘hat’ that looks like some streetwalkers unkempt ‘junk’.

  1. I hope colangelo and his wheels hair piece doesn’t pull a billy king and give barns or dion waiters a max deal. GS were -26 with him on the floor in The Finals. he stinks

  2. I’ll believe it when I finally see Dario Saric in a Sixers uniform.

    And for the life of me why on earth are the Sixers interested in signing the undersized, selfish, ball-hogging, no defense playing shooting guard Dion Waiters?

  3. I question whether he would make more in Turkey. Whats the rookie scale for someone in his draft position like 2-3 nillion dollars per year in the NBA? You aren’t getting that much in the Turkish league I don’t think.

  4. “Dario Saric is coming to Philadelphia”

    Yes, and Joel Embid is ready to play now. What else would you like to hear?

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