Fletcher Cox Also Can’t Believe How Much Money He’s Making

Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When we all saw how much money the Eagles had agreed to pay Fletcher Cox we were blown away. It’s the most guaranteed money ever for a non-QB. I still can’t really wrap my mind around how much money that is (roughly the budget of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film True Lies). And as it turns out, Cox can’t really wrap his head around it either:

“It’s really mindblowing,” Cox said Thursday. “You’re dealing with that much money, it’s really mindblowing. I’m really, really excited about it.”

We love Fletcher Cox here, we really do. And it’s good to know that he also can’t really comprehend how much money the Eagles are giving Fletcher Cox, even if he deserves it.


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  1. Joe DiCamara is awful as a fill in for Mikey Miss…that’s one way Josh’s ratings will go up. These monologues are brutal, and don’t play well in the drive time slot

  2. This is an article. This tiny article which almost 1/3 is a copy of a tweet. This is what Jim gets paid to do. What has happened to this site?

  3. Fletcher Cox is a stud! I am glad he will stay an Eagle. If he was injury prone, that would be another story. Go Fletcher!

  4. This will be the Eagles version of the Ryan Howard contract. Bidding against themselves, they overpaid for a guy who will never be able to live up to the expectations associated with this kind of money.

  5. Is anyone here going to the roast tonight? I heard it has to end early so Angelo does not miss his bedtime.

  6. Now Von Miller said he won’t play under a franchise tag. Everybody in a similar position now has their hand out

  7. Jim,

    What if I told you that CB readers can’t wrap their heads around how much YOU make? Not because it is too large of a number to comprehend, but because we can’t believe you get paid somewhere between $30k to $50k a year to produce such shitty material. We all know that if we were that bad at our job, then we wouldn’t have it for very much longer.

  8. Can’t root for Phils until McCarthy is gone.

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