Gonzo Out

John Gonzalez is leaving CSN to be with his wife, Colleen Wolfe, who’s now with NFL Network in LA.

Gonzo, who used to write for the Inquirer, Boston Magazine, Village Voice and other publications, says he’ll do some freelance stuff to start and then explore other opportunities.

He’s leaving a big market just as his most-covered team, the Sixers, seem poised to become relevant again. But, it’s hard to argue with love. Follow the heart, Gonzo.

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47 Responses

        1. Sludge literally asked a 21 y/o caller if he could have a threesome with the caller’s girlfriend. Dudes 50.

  1. Good. He can take his newly bleached butthole and join her newly bleached butthole in the land of well kept buttholes.

  2. I never understood why people thougt she was hot either, she has a stretched out face and big fucking oversized teeth

    1. I agree with you there 100% chance that she has already cheated on him.

    2. She was competing with Apody, Baicker, and Lynam. Of course she’s hot then!

  3. Kyle,

    I am one of the few haters on this site but it’s starting to become unbearable. Jim’s articles suck, the site runs slow, the Google Survey went from one question to seemingly 10 and no disrespect but it’s not worth paying for a subscription on here. Fix this shit playboy.

    Peace out du/

  4. Never really got it w/ this guy.

    Humor was not that funny.

    700 Level show on TCN or CSN or whatever channel it may appear on (after Ultimate Frisbee) was rather sophmoric and
    overall not that interesting or entertaining.

    Wish him well. Seems like a nice guy who tried too hard

  5. Never understood how he pulled that babe. Now she’s the only source of income, and they’re living in Cali? See ya back in philly in a year gonzo.

    1. The only thing Gonzo ever pulled was…. (sorry, I promised Pat Gallen I wouldn’t talk about them any more.)

    1. His wife makes 10 times what he does, retard. You need to pull your head out of your ass and get some fresh air. You don’t tell your meal ticket what to do. This is why you’re single and beat off to the Boscov’s underwear ads.

      1. Heard from my buddy who is a production assistant over at the nfl network she cheated on gonzo with Maurice jones drew

        1. Yes, and I heard from a friend of a cousin of a neighbor of Ferris Buehler that…..

          Get some new material, dunce!

  6. He might not be the best writer, and I don’t think his wife is that hot, but living off of your wife’s dime while you play on the computer doesn’t sound too bad.

    1. Is there anything worse than when he fills in for Glen or Ray on WIP? It could be April with the Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies all riding 10 game winning streaks and he goes all Eagles all weekend.

      1. Yes, watching more than 1 minute of Breakfast on Broad. I used to like Ellis when he was on the radio winning all those debates against Cataldi and the other fools, but now he is just a pandering patsy. And those 2 skanky bimbos are unwatchable. The football player typifies the dumb ex-jock.

  7. Married to a woman? I always thought he was a queer. Oh well, he was a shitty writer anyway and sucked on TV.

  8. So long Gonzo. Please take Spike Eskin with you!! Maybe his dad can get him another job far away from here. He’s a dope!

  9. Does CSN need any on-air personalities or people to feed hay to that Mr. Ed look-alike Sarah Baicker? Asking for a friend…

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