Here’s the Guy Who Threw the Beer Bottle at Ryan Howard

Another Sidney to hate.

Wilmington, Delaware’s Sidney Smith, 21, has surrendered to police for throwing a bottle of Bud Light Lime at Ryan Howard like a total dipshit. Smith was “issued a summary citation for disorderly conduct and released after turning himself in to South Detectives on Friday.” We still don’t know for sure if the photo circulating online (above left) was the actual bottle thrower, but next to a two-year-old picture of Sid Smith of Wilmington, Delaware on Facebook (above right) it certainly looks like the same man.

According to the same Facebook page, Sid Smith worked at the University of Delaware, but there is no school listed under his education tab. And that’s basically it other than a couple more pictures.

These youngins don’t use Facebook anymore. They live their lives in the real world, where they throw objects at people they don’t like and then scurry away like cowards.


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    1. CB and the internet police still failed. Mainstream news broke the story that Sidney the chump turned himself in.

    2. Awww. The millionaire with the goldigger race traitor “wife” is angry that an empty aluminum can was thrown to the ground in his vicinity.
      Howard needs to STFU along with everyone else crying about this story.
      Why not put 1% of this effort into catching the violent animals featured in the Philly Police you tube videos????

  2. This kid is a hero. Fat Howard has been underperforming & stealing $ for years. If nose had any dignity he would retire to his moat

    1. A 21 year old man is not a kid. Stop making excuses for these lowlife scumbags, who give other Philadelphia fans a bad name.

    2. Let’s me get this straight. The Phillies negotiated against themselves 2 years before they needed to make a decision in hopes of “saving” money and that’s Howard’s fault. See St. Louis and Pujols for how Phillies should have handled Howard.

      1. so true, Amaro fucked that up, Howard was just in the right place at the right time

      2. howard and his agent must have been pissing themselves laughing so hard when they signed that contract.

  3. Mike Miss dodged a major bullet here. The day after, he was on his show threatening some kid from the Main Line to call in and tell him why he threw it. He said he would give out his name on the air if he didn’t but I guess his producer put a stop to it. Pretty sure Mike Miss will bury this story or censor any calls to his show calling him out for this huge blunder.

    1. Haha I was just thinking that . He gave the kids 1st name & couple letters of last name . It would have been wrong person . What an liberal crusade asshole Mike miss is

          1. The above comments is from Josh Ennis stealing my handle.
            In reality, i’m a cheap little #uck who will do anything for a buck.

    2. Well said, I think the bosses got in there to tell him to stop near the end of the show. The liberal ignoramous is unbearable, I hope “Matt” calls in today and demands an apology from the “investigative journalist.”

  4. The kid better shave his head now, because his hairline is already receding and he’ll look like that photo when he’s 40, but without the hair.

    1. did you notice his stat lines? Zeroes across the board for all three years listed.

        1. oops. Holmgren stated that he could back up our #1 goalie steve mason. still 5 years at $30 million.

      1. aw shit…you shouldn’t have said that. Paul Holmgren just offered him a five year deal for $30 million. stated he is a, “Stand up defense man. The kind of guy we could use to shore up the defense in our organ-eye-zation.” fuck

  5. Maybe the phillies can sign him to a minor league contract in Reading
    and he can meet Howard in person when he gets sent down.
    He needs to improve his throwing though.

      1. Thanks for the lesson rat boy.
        Let me know the next time Ruben Amaro Jr shows up at your barbq.

  6. It’s sexism to refer to him as Cindy. I’ll be tweeting about it all morning.

    1. Yo, MCW Bo!

      I got a new idea for the show! What if we dress the Bro up like a PRIMO!? Get a big ROLL, some of da gobba-goul, some broccoli rabe, and some of the SHARP on there and cover him in it. Then we can all whack him with baseball bats! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We’ll do it on the meat LOCKER. Vai and BALDY can stomp him too. Baldy’s like that, he’s a MEAT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    1. Ex wife and current wife. Nice cars in the driveway and a couple houses too.

  7. Can we fucking stop calling it a was an EMPTY CAN that didn’t even hit that big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKK machine.
    Fuck off.

  8. Nice to know the cops time and taxpayer money was wasted because this drunk threw a can at Ryan Howard. He is not exactly the Son of Sam. If it was anyone other than Howard, would they have made such a fuss? Yes, it was wrong and boo hoo hoo it made our fanbase look bad. Who gives a kerap? No one died or was seriously hurt. He should be banned from the ballpark I guess. That is about as much as they can do.

  9. I’ve never seen 1 photo of someone and been so certain that they are uncool. stay out of philly, you dork.

  10. It was an aluminum can, shaped like a bottle. Empty. Rolled at Howard’s feet. Stop crying you overrated, smug waste.
    Whoooooooo cares!!!!!!
    I’d like to throw a lot more at him.
    Bunch of under achievers.
    They beat the detail rats bro. They devil rays…..
    We should thank the devil rays for taking care of the entire league so we wouldn’t have to play a real team.
    Ryan Howard has done nothing for the money he makes. Pay him half what he makes and we would love him. Pay him like we did to Underachieve and he must take the criticism.
    Aluminum can bro.

  11. The bottle never came close to Howard, Howard is batting .140 it’s a cheap way to get heat away from his poor play. As far as Mike Miss: why don’t you stick to kissing Jo Pa’s ass and that cover-up.

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