Let’s All Hop Aboard the Ben Simmons Hype Train

"Welcome to the club."

He has his flaws, but that’s for another time. Ben Simmons is the greatest thing to happen to the Sixers since they took Hip Hop to that farm up north where he’s living out the rest of his days with Big Shot, awaiting the arrival of Chuck the Condor. Let’s take a look at some of the hyperbolic hype being laid upon Simmons.

Danny Chau from The Ringer sees him as the Next Draymond, or:

He could be the primary facilitator for the Sixers, who have reportedly made their bed and are just waiting until Thursday to sleep in it. It’s easy to fawn over his ability. His ceiling? How about Blake Griffin, but with Antetokounmpo’s freedom of exploration; the 2008 NBA draft, but redone in a bad movie where a lightning storm syncs Derrick Rose’s talent with Michael Beasley’s body; Uber, but for transporting Philadelphia far away from the Process and closer to Sexy Results.

Magic Johnson said he’s the best prospect since LeBronLeBron said he didn’t mind the comparison.

Brett Brown told Colin Cowherd, he’s Magic:

He’s got a hint of Magic [Johnson]. You know at times, you can see like a younger LeBron [James] where you’re not sure what position he is. One moment you think he’s a four, maybe he’s a three, he looks comfortable handling the ball. When you say, ‘What is your identifiable, NBA elite skill?’ most people will go immediately to passing.

You take that collection of comments and add it to a 6’10 frame, the comparisons to those two players could be a little bit reckless, could be a little bit ambitious, but there is no denying he really does come to the draft with a very unique skill package.

His passing is what sets him apart, and ESPN looked into how quantifiable that is. His ballhandling numbers in transition are off the charts for any player, not just a forward. He’s also the most willing and active passer of the top prospects in the draft, passing out of the pick and roll “nearly two-thirds of the time,” more than PG Kris Dunn. He was even able to tally assists on a bad shooting team:

The Tigers’ true shooting percentage (weighting 3-pointers and free throws differently from regular field goal attempts) was a mediocre .543, tied for 141st among all schools. For some perspective, national champ Villanova was tied for fifth at .597, while Duke and Oklahoma were tied for 31st at .573. Even so, Simmons outpaced all freshman forwards and centers in assists dating to the 2000-01 season (minimum 30 games played). And among frontcourt players from all classes, Simmons finished tied for 10th overall.

Again, his passing combined with his size (and rebounding ability) is rare:

assists and rebounds

He’s already got his eyes set on the pros with nothing to distract him. He’s pulled out of consideration for the Rio games, opting to “concentrate fully on his NBA activities.” He’s ours. He’s a Sixer. He won’t get Zika.



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  1. Anyone know why the cuz took off on a historic day for the sixers? Asking for a coworker

  2. Trade trade trade…neither the idiot bloggers nor the commenters on here know a thing about nba talent…how disgusting would it be seeing okafor lead the Celtics to titles because the people in this town including the GM don’t know a D leaguer from an all star. smh

    1. Hung over. My boy saw Anthony Gargano and some of his greaseball buddies at a local South Philly establishment, getting hammered until around 1 in the morning.

      So when his flunky Johnny Marks is saying the Cuz is sick, know that in all actuality, he’s suffering from a serious hangover.

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