Mickey Moniak Bet a Friend He’d Go Top-10, Friend Has to Get Moniak’s Signature Tattooed on His Ass

Mickey Moniak

Last night, the Phillies selected California HS outfielder Mickey Moniak with the first overall pick. Looking at his Twitter account, I don’t think he’s going to pull a J.D. Drew:

moniak twitter

And while being picked number one overall is obviously a huge honor, there’s an even bigger personal win for Moniak here– his friend has to get his autograph tattooed on his ass:

Moniak, a high school outfielder from California, was selected first overall by the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday night. Long before the draft, he bet La Costa Canyon High School teammate Ethan Abrams that he’d go in the top 10.

At stake: Moniak’s signature tattooed on Abrams’ rear end.

Just a few minutes after Commissioner Rob Manfred announced at MLB Network studios that the Phillies were on the clock, Moniak didn’t have to wait long for his friend’s fresh-ink fate to be sealed.

“That is very true,” a smiling Moniak said in an interview on MLB Network. “I’m holding him to that, too.”

Abrams, a freshman pitcher at Columbia this season, can return the favor by getting picked in the first 20 rounds someday, Moniak said.

First 20 rounds? Literally no respect for his friend.

But here’s where Abrams went wrong: You don’t get the tattoo on your ass. First of all, that screams I lost a bet, and it’s never good to have to do some explaining when you take your clothes off. Get that shit on your arm, or your chest. That way when you’re out and someone’s like, “Oh, what’s your tattoo of?” you can respond “Oh this? It’s nothing. My BEST FRIEND was the first overall pick in the MLB draft and I made this bet to encourage him to be the best player he could be. I like to think I helped him make his dreams come true.” THAT’S A KILLER PICK-UP. And it’s a lot better than, “My friend, Mickey, owns my ass.”


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  1. He’s gay what were the Phillies thinking this is a Michael Sam situation but worse.

  2. I honestly didn’t know pro baseball had a draft. What a joke. Baseball is beyond a dead sport. Just look at these little dorks that play. Nothing like the old days when players had swag and muscles. Todays players are such chodes.

  3. Kyle bitches about PI posting the video two hours after it was posted here.

    PI posted about this 2 hours before Jim did… so what does that make the guy he hired to run a shitty site when he can’t?

    1. They even have video… but Jim’s lazy ass needs to copy and paste a quote? Wow that’s fucking terrible

    2. I think Kyle’s beef was more with the fact that they didn’t credit where the video came from, they just said something like “we found the video”. I’m pretty both Kyle and Sean would admit that a large portion of the content is just regurgitated content that we all probably have seen on Twitter already. Posting something obscure like the video and not crediting where it came from isn’t a good look in the blog community. Hence why Kyle deliberately put typos in some of the #RADIOWARS postings.

      1. “we found the video, first posted at ftvlive.com” – I just read that as they found the video on the site. I see what you mean though. They always credit though so Kyles being weird about that. This site doesn’t credit every single thing either

  4. Anyone notice the shitty looking forearm Tats on this kid? Hope he’s not on dope

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