UPDATES: Nelson Agholor Has Been Accused of Rape

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After Eagles practice yesterday, a handful of players reportedly went to Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club, according to Philadelphia Magazine. One of the dancers at the club at the time has accused one player of raping her, and law enforcement sources told PhillyMag that the player was WR Nelson Agholor.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross has said that “there was an allegation made against one of the [Eagles] players of a sexual assault that was reported by one of the female dancers. Our Special Victims Unit is actively running on the investigation.” The detectives on the case are trying to track down video footage from Cheerleaders, and Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko told PhillyMag, “we are aware of the police investigation involving Nelson Agholor. The organization has been in contact with Nelson and with the proper authorities in Philadelphia. Because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment.”

This will obviously be an ongoing story, and we’ll have more as more comes out.


Maybe. But it is curious that someone ran directly to the police and didn’t try to settle for a large sum of money. What kind of setup is that?

UPDATE 2: From 6 ABC:

Nelson Agholor has retained Philadelphia defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr., who tells Action News that his client is: “A thousand percent innocent of any criminal conduct.”

Same guy one of cops in McCoy fight hired.

UPDATE 3: A source tells us the other two players at the club – not reported to be involved – were Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin.

UPDATE 4: Eliot Shorr-Parks reports that the stripper was upset with her lack of payment:

The source told NJ Advance Media that Agholor and a dancer at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in South Philadelphia agreed to go to a private room for an hour on Thursday afternoon, but the dancer left shortly after the two entered the room.

The person with knowledge of the incident said Agholor had agreed to pay the woman $1,400 for their time in the private room, but the dancer left before the agreed upon time and Agholor paid her $800. The person said the dancer wanted the full amount.

The dancer left the bar, was picked up by a friend, and the person said she never informed management of the alleged rape.

According to the same source, multiple dancers have told management that Agholor did nothing wrong, including a dancer who was with another Eagles’ player throughout the night.

No sex in the champagne room.


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    1. You are some kind of stupid. The headline says “accused of” and the story is basically a cut and paste of the police statement.

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    1. Says he doesn’t want to take sides but spent two entire segments going off on how these women go after guys for money. Really strange tactic when you’re paid by the establishment t op promote them yet you’re taking to the airwaves to call the girls thrives.

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  8. “Curious that she ran directly to the police…what kind of setup is that.” A civil case is 100 times more credible when bolstered with criminal charges idiot. No shit she ran right to the police. Also Nelson would have no incentive to pay said hooker off without an open investigation, without that its just words from some moron.

    1. I’m honestly baffled at how someone could not immediately reach this conclusion. Jim and Kyle (he wrote the same thing in his Les Bowen sucks post) are both fucking retarded.

  9. Kyle and Jim better update those resumes. Deadspin filed chapter 11 today.

      1. Sadly after reading about it they will probably stick around, which means Jim will stick around.

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  11. anybody know who the other 2 eagles were??? My guesses: Fletcher cox and Jalen Mills

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