Philadelphia is the Youngest Four-Team City in Sports

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Three of the four local sports teams are in some stage of rebuilding and stocking their rosters with young players (you could even make the argument for all four). There are a lot of teams doing this after being bad for years and years, but among cities with at least four teams, Philly’s teams are the youngest.

Using a team’s average age,* I broke down the average age of a team in each of the four-team+ cities. Philly sneaks right in front of Boston for spot number one:

  1. Philadelphia – 26.728
  2. Boston – 26.862
  3. Minneapolis/St.Paul – 27.052
  4. Denver – 27.067
  5. Phoenix – 27.079
  6. Washington, D.C. – 27.767
  7. Miami – 27.804
  8. Detroit – 27.808
  9. Chicago – 27.835
  10. Bay Area – 27.858
  11. New York City/Brooklyn – 27.990
  12. Los Angeles – 28.057
  13. Dallas – 28.130

Because of varying roster sizes, Philly is actually the third-youngest city if you break it down to the average age per player on all of the teams. Here’s that top five:

  1. Phoenix – 26.698
  2. Minneapolis/St. Paul – 26.805
  3. Philadelphia –26.835
  4. Boston – 26.902
  5. Denver – 26.969

So while we may want progress and expect success sooner rather than later, it should come with time. The youngest team in the combined cities is the Sixers (24.4), nearly a full seven years younger than the oldest (Yankees, 31.3).

Youth isn’t a built-in bonus (or detriment). Neither is experience. But when going for it, Philly’s teams are at least going all in.

*Team average ages come from last year’s 53-man roster for the Eagles (26.69), last year’s Sixers roster (24.4), the players who have played for the Phillies this season (27.3), and players currently under contract with the Flyers (28.52).

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23 Responses

  1. Sixers better not fucking sign Barnes to 90 million deal

  2. Jim I haven’t seen walking around Passyunk lately. Did they close your favorite bathhouse?

  3. Eric Lindros and Charles Barkley back to back. Meanwhile old face Angelo was talking to GARY COBB.

    Just put WIP out of its misery already. I’d like to see the ratings for afternoons this week with Innes going up against 2 losers that are in for Mike. I’m sure that fat slob is still getting crushed.

    1. I had to turn wip off this morning when I heard marshal Harris sticking up for nick Williams being a lazy fuck . Wtf

        1. Harris is a clueless tool who thinks he is clever. Just look at the disdain Ricky Bo has for him during the post-game shows when Harris goes off on his witless banter.

    1. I actually laughed out loud at that comment. It’s as if Buddy Ryan invented football. Not to mention he is everything that is wrong with the typical Philadelphia fan; jorts, calf tattoo, wears sports jerseys on the regular, overweight, willing to fight anyone that bad mouths his/her birds.

      I understand his importance to the game and the city of Philadelphia/Eagles. His life and legacy absolutely should be honored but wasn’t he a terrible head coach?

  4. Hey Adair – what the deal with you and Reeyah Houghes? You and her looked very cozy the other day at your favorite tap room.

    1. Jim and a woman? HA.

      Everyone knows Jim is super gay. His haircut and effeminate voice says it all.

  5. Why the hell did you use a picture of Christian Wood?! You couldn’t find ANY picture better then a guy that played like 10 games for the Sixers last year and isn’t even on the roster anymore? Boo this man, BOOOOOO.

  6. I’m just surprised that Jim was able to do that much math. Probably Kyle assigned it so he didn’t have to do it himself. Delco schools don’t teach that.

  7. This post is worse than bullshit. No one cares about ANY rankings other than wins. This kind of noise is for losers.

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