Report: Nelson Agholor Dispute Was over Champagne Room Incident

Eliot Shorr-Parks is reporting that Nelson Agholor and a stripper had a disagreement about the fee:

The source told NJ Advance Media that Agholor and a dancer at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in South Philadelphia agreed to go to a private room for an hour on Thursday afternoon, but the dancer left shortly after the two entered the room.

The person with knowledge of the incident said Agholor had agreed to pay the woman $1,400 for their time in the private room, but the dancer left before the agreed upon time and Agholor paid her $800. The person said the dancer wanted the full amount.

The dancer left the bar, was picked up by a friend, and the person said she never informed management of the alleged rape.

According to the same source, multiple dancers have told management that Agholor did nothing wrong, including a dancer who was with another Eagles’ player throughout the night.

Further, an Eagles source tells me: “It was champagne room incident. Allegedly a sexual act was performed on Nelson, and the disagreement was over the money exchanged for said act.”

It appears there was no sex in the champagne room.


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  1. Hmm…now more facts trickle out… Maybe, just maybe you should wait until further notice to splash a fancy headline on your site. We don’t know exactly what happened do we.. You want more viewers Kyle.. take the right approach & be morally right. Nobody & I mean nobody will ever like this site better by your reporting way too early on an incident that all the facts haven’t been brought out as of yet..

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    2. Got to admit, I came to the site because I do everyday, not because of the headline. I highly doubt the title of a post will bring anymore, if any, people than would have visited the site anyway. So shit in your hat, and go fuck yourself you cranky ass dick fiddle . Have a nice 4th of July.

  2. The incident reportedly occurred at 3PM on Thursday, so the statement of the “dancer who was with another Eagles’ player throughout the night” doesn’t seem to fit the timeline.

    1. Maybe he stayed most of the night… Nobody said he left after 3pm did they… In reality if he did have a “session” in the afternoon you would think he’d leave soon after.. However, I’m all for believing a woman in these situations , but I would never pass judgement this early to think one way or another. I know they had to break the story because he’s an Eagle but do you think she would make this up because of money not received on a session? I hope we do find the truth in the end.. It does stain his name until exonerated right.. or if he’s guilty then that’s another story.

  3. Like I said in my earlier post, she’s just another in a long line of cum-guzzling s l u t s, looking to get….Nothing to see here.

    1. You told me you’d pay me for four fingers and you only paid for two. I HATE YOU.

  4. Imagine the hangover guilt Nelson had the next day after wasting all that $ & r*ping a stripper

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  6. So, it wasn’t “ra-pe” ’til he tried to renegotiate the fee…that’s the service we pimps provide, bitch. Next time, get one.

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  8. I don’t get these players,they could go to any normal bar or club and pull pussy for free. Even low level guys like him

    1. It’s da whole baller aspect of not giving a shit about da money and just treatin’ da bitches like da hoes dey are.

  9. So Nelson basically nutted prematurely and felt like he shouldn’t have to pay the full fee. Throw his ass behind bars.

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  10. Howard will make every excuse in the book for Nelson. If the player was on the Cowboys, he would say the guy should be thrown out of the league. All a Birds player has to do with Howard is take a selfie with him. Then the guy could be Manson and Howard will defend him to ends of the earth.

  11. Damn, for $1400 an hour, I will gladly step in and finish that hour for you Nelson any time. All that goes on in the champagne room is you drink champagne together right???

  12. I remember when when paying for four fingers meant whiskey. Oh brother.

    1. I remember when a dime bag used to cost a dime…know how much condoms cost?

    1. Of course. Niggas don’t touch no sistas once they have money. Wake up fool!

  13. So, it’s only “r@pe” now because he shorted her $600? Is that it?



    ( oh, btw, I know most of my paycheck comes from strip club commercials…)

  15. Philadelphia Vice Squad spend all their time busting massage parlors, backpage escort ads and social clubs for prostitution but never do anything to clubs like the one Nelson was at. I wonder why that is. Maybe this city needs a Knapp Comission.

  16. Very similar allegations were made against Maclin and Foles a few years back.

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