Sam Hinkie Turns Down WIP Draft Party Invite

Dude, F that! I mean, sure, I’m guessing he turned them down because he’s a hermit who was brutalized by just about the entire on-air lineup of WIP, but whatever, no need to take the high road, Sam. You were the sacrificial lamb. Carried to the stake, hung, burned, never to be spoken of again. Out of respect? Naw, dog. I’d show up to that thing, critique every microsecond of the transacting in Brooklyn tonight, and recount how each and every one of the Sixers’ current assets came to be. Then, I’d write it all in a heartfelt letter, stand up, but before taking off the headset, scream, “PUT SOME RESPECK ON MY NAME!” But that’s none of my business.

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7 Responses

  1. Or, you know…maybe he’s thinking ahead to the next person who might want to hire him. Does he want to come off as a petulant whiner, or someone who took his resignation/dismissal with class and didn’t bash his former employer at the first chance?*

    *Let’s just disregard his manifesto. Chalk that up to misplaced frustration

  2. What a stiff. You’ll soon be sweeping a broom in The Fanatic’s studio

  3. Fuck WIP. They’re grasping at straws. Mike Miss just had Allen Iverson on. Who does WIP even get for guests?

    1. Who does WIP get on for guests? Just from memory

      Iverson (Last year)
      Mike Schmidt
      Charles Barkley
      All of the Eagles players and coaches, being the Eagles’ flagship station
      All of the Phillies players and the Manager, being the Phillies’ flagship station

  4. If the process works out and the Sixers are really good in 5-6 years, WIP wil refuse to believe it was Hinkie.

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