Video: A Local Telemundo Reporter Was Attacked Outside City Hall Reporting on the Soda Tax

Light on details here, but this hasn’t gone mainstream yet. It shows local Telemundo reporter Iris Delgado, who was reporting on the soda tax bill (you should 100% be taxed more if you want to load your body with shit and have everyone else cover your medical bills), being attacked by what appears to be a soda tax protester.

Here is the full video from Live Leak:

NBC 10, Telemundo’s sister station, makes no mention of the video on their website (that I can find).

H/T to (@D_Callahan_)

UPDATE: According to Brian Hickey, the camera crew followed the woman, identified her to police officers, and she was arrested.


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    1. All these violent animals should be in cages, or in the ground, where they belong.

  1. in the animals defense she did say excuse me. On a side note she was their protesting the chicken wing tax

  2. stick to sports kyle. A tax on soda, the money doesn’t offset any healthcare costs you dumbshit. Have fun at the DNC

    1. I’m a trump supporter and I’ll be at the RNC actually in cleveland. I support the soda tax 100%, anyone who doesn’t support it is brainwashed by coke and pepsi who are in your head – you are their pawn basically.

  3. WFT…..can that beast not see the big bright light is on and she’s talking into a camera? so for 1 – dont talk to her 2-she’s not going to respond when you say excuse me 3 – how do you go from excuse me to bitch slapping the reporter?
    more importantly, why aren’t the cops and everyone out looking for this thug like they are with the salmon shorts wearing, bud lime bottle throwing asshole from the phillies game????

    1. its called being black – zero to 100 real quick. which is why white people tend to move away from gorilla infested neighborhoods and they sit there wondering why LOL

  4. Your logic is flawed – the tax is for educational purposes (in theory, it will be used to offer about 2% of actual aid to the Philadelphia School Systems) NOT for healthcare providers. Then it becomes a matter of whether it’s morally acceptable to tax someone’s addiction, which in the United States of course it is because capitalism is a broken system that prays on the weak and the poor.

    Oink oink you capitalist pigs

    1. capitalism doesnt prey on the weak and the poor – you’re a victim of moral relativism..if you don’t know what that is look it up. capitalism employs the weak and the poor – if they want a job that is. go back to venezuela you pinko commie traitor. im sure you will love it they are hanging the cops and local administrators in the streets.

    2. Capitalistts?
      Why should we pay MORE taxes to “educate” the spawn of NON-TAX-PAYING ANTI-SOCIAL WELFARE CRIMINALS?
      You can’t “educate” the illegitimate spawn of animals anyway.


  6. Love the logic. The Left insisted that we need to pay for other people’s medical care in the first place. Then they use that as justification to tax us for things that cause health problems…because now your personal decisions are the public’s business. Whatever tax revenue is raised from a soda tax will do NOTHING to keep fat, unhealthy losers from being fat, unhealthy losers.

    1. It’s mostly to fund the horrible underfunded school systems in the city. Not so much for healthcare cost reasons. Either way, I don’t see how anyone can be opposed to this. God forbid poor people have to give their children water and healthier options.

      1. Wrong, it’s for pre-k so these animals who shit out 10 kids can get them out of the house at 3 years old…but really the money is going into the city’s general fund

        1. And now they are claiming they are going to use it to fund the city fund, which is basically normal operating expenses. Which they just mentioned on Wednesday. Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.

        2. these animals also have after-school supervision so they can keep smoking crack and sucking donkey d!ck long into the evening without having to watch their offspring. i know north philly teachers who have to stay til 6 with the little n1glets.

      2. It’s underfunded because the scum that keeps having illegitimate children, DON”T PAY TAXES. Why should WE have to pay for the spawn of these animals?

  7. Has anyone else noticed these? It’s as creepy as it gets. His lame jokes and awkward acknowledgement of sound drops is already bad enough

  8. Hey idiots, you keep voting dem, they propose a tax on soda to find pre-k, then pass the tax but then announce funds will go to the city’s general fund, you keep getting lied to but never vote these dumb criminals out of office. You deserve to be robbed, don’t complain when you’re paying a 5% air tax in 5 years

    1. I am currently paying $0 for air. 5% of $0 is umm $ 0, They can tax the shit out of air, pretty sure I can afford that.

      1. Oh, it’s no joke. They will decide how many mol of air you use a day, and you’ll get a bill. Hope you’re first on the list.

        1. Dummy, this was about the fella not realizing percentages. 5% of $0 is $0. If your statement would have been made originally then I would not have commented.

    2. I have an idea……are you ready for it…………….


      you dumb slack jawed okey, you ever heard of iced tea or water????

      1. Iced tea is subject to the Commie Kenny tax proposal. $3.92 per gallon. So, the price will triple.

        Under the City Council proposal, water and every other beverage will be $1.96 per gallon. Just fill bottles with your tap.

        If I was a beverage distributor, I’d simply end service to Philadelphia city limits. There is no point.

        1. no you won’t cause people will still pay it. and if every other beverage distributor left town you’d have no competition.

          1. Bernie, your ideas are awesome for Venezuela or Cuba. I think that’s pretty much the only real communist governments left, despite Soetoro’s best efforts.

            Nevertheless, if you plan on buying a gallon of iced tea for $6 go ahead. You won’t have a line.

          1. And you feel the same about fruit juice as well, correct? Same sugar, same tax. Of course, the new proposal from city council ignores sugar altogether and simply taxes any beverage, including water and diet iced tea. Enjoy the extra $2 per gallon. everyone else will simply stop at a store outside the city.

      2. Let’me know trump supporter! Ppls taste buds are corrupted. Fuq soda, tax the sh!t out of it

  9. Typical freaking yard ape! Must have escaped from the Philly Zoo. Looks like another monkey is getting put down this week!

  10. Kyle – You are stupid beyond words. The “soda” tax affects iced tea. Have you ever had iced tea? A one gallon jug of Wawa tea would cost $3.92 more under Commie Kenny’s approach. Even under the more restrained City Council approach, it would be an additional $1.96. That’s an insane tax either way. Could you please read something, rather than just cut and paste. You are becoming too dumb to be worth my time. At least I know to avoid any schools you’ve ever attended. They pump out morons.

    1. They were all catholic schools and they aren’t exactly known as academic powerhouses. Villanova is ranked below a lot of state schools. It isn’t even ranked as a national university. They rank it regionally. Heck, Villanova’s law school was ranked below Rutgers Camden.

      1. There are plenty of good Catholic schools. Villanova and elementary and high schools in DelCo don’t make that grade.

  11. Not to sound racist but why does it always take African American ladies fucking forever at the atm machine. I love the sisters but that drives me nuts

    1. At the grocery store. If you get behind a boon you’re in for a good 15 extra minutes. TFG I moved out of the city and into the suburbs.

  12. Philly and it’s con artist mayor is a joke. Kenney has an excellent hate the face too

  13. The left wing answer to everything is to raise taxes. The wage tax in Philadelphia is insanely high. The sales tax is the highest in the state. Adding a tax on “soda” (which would include Gatorade, fruit juices, energy drinks, etc.) will do absolutely nothing for this city except destroy jobs and hurt businesses in the city. How can any store, restaurant or bar that is remotely close to a city border compete with competitors in neighboring suburbs or states that can sell the same products for so much less? The answer is they cannot. What you’ll see is the stores lose sales, reduce staff and ultimately close. The result will be lower sales taxes, lower wage taxes and lower business taxes that will more than offset whatever gains the city gets from their stupid soda tax. To top it all off, the mayor lies and says that he will use the tax money to fund the Pre-K program only to admit (after he has secured the votes) that a huge portion is going to the general fund, where it will be pissed away. What the hell ever happened to freedom? Let people decide what they want to drink and let them keep more of their own money. We need to make this Kenney clown a one-term mayor.

  14. Hey…how about that Gordie Howe? he was something huh

  15. [(you should 100% be taxed more if you want to load your body with shit and have everyone else cover your medical bills), ]

    And you should 100% be taxed for being a complete fucking rube, considering this tax has absolutely nothing to do with public health, or offsetting the costs for the healthcare. It’s going in the city’s general fund so it can be raided for anything & everything BUT the public good. Idiot.

  16. Kyle you’re an idiot.

    Orange juice is as unhealthy as soda.
    Pizza is as unhealthy as soda
    Chinese Take out

    Pay up fatty

    Plus I love it that they make it illegal for health insurers to specifically underwrite potential health risks, then the gov’t takes over health insurance, then they realize it’s unprofitable, so they need to penalize unhealthy behavior.. like the health insurance companies wanted to do.

    1. “Orange juice is as unhealthy as soda” uh, no it’s not. I get what you’re driving at, but it’s two different types of sugars. The same amount of sugar, sure, but way different. The best thing to drink are beverages without sugar. Sugar is the worst thing to put in your body, hands down

      1. More like sugar is bad if you put it in your body and then sit on your ass all damn day and do nothing. Carbs are the easiest thing to burn off but these lazy ass kids rather play Minecraft and shotgun Mountain Dew by the liter.

  17. Let me understand your position on this issue Kyle. You are all in on taxing diabetics for drinking a diet coke? Do you know what diabetic ketoacidosis is? Google it. You and your liberal pals are prejudiced against diabetics.

    1. You know most fatasses are Type 2 diabetics (insulin resistance, not lack of insulin production), right? They don’t go into DKA. Don’t talk out your ass about things you don’t know.
      You also know we, the public, foot the bill for these fat bastards. Medical costs, days missed from work, all of it. If making these fat fucks pay more for the privilege of killing themselves and making it harder on the rest of us, I am all for it. Didn’t hear you complain about the price of cigarettes and booze.

    1. She must have smell fried chicken on Gonzalez’s breath and her animal instinct kicked in as she was worried that they might eat the jig’s watermelon. Lawdy lawdy…sure is good!

  18. Hey genius, the tax is going to pay for general fund shortages, not medical expenses for diabetics, your contention was a logical fallacy. And BTW, it extends to diet drinks as well.

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