Free Agency Running Commentary

OK we will keep this going for through the weekend, but only with actual news or major reports, not all the commentary that goes with. Leggo!

This should update in real-time when there are new updates.

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28 Responses

    1. this article and its content are great!
      the end result?
      same as before….

  1. If the Sixers sign Harrison Barnes to a max contract, that will be one of the worst moves ever. He is not that good. “Veterans to win now?” The team won 10 fucking games last year. Why don’t we let some young guys play and see what happens. Harrison Barnes is barely better than Robert Covington for fuck’s sake…

  2. Right now they have 1 superstar in G and still a few really good players. They’re were going to be in good shape no matter what hexy does . Stand pat or maybe try and bring Hartnell back

      1. exactly…lol
        we need a sniper…at least one.
        we need good “D” men.
        i wouldn’t call Giroux a “superstar.”
        we have a #1 goalie who couldn’t stop a large beachball in the sc playoffs. 4.09 gaa in 3 games. but of course flyers apologists say it, “wasn’t his fault.” lol
        isn’t the goal of every nhl team to win the sc? not the flyers.

      2. Agree, G had a chance to become a superstar after the playoff run he had when they lost to the Blackhawks. Since then he really has been decent at best.

    1. Crazy all the $$ stiff players get in the nba. Amazing how them animals all go broke too

    2. Remember all the hand-wringing about Ryan Howard making $25 million per season?

      Harrison Barnes is probably going to get a max offer from someone (the Sixers?). That would pay him over $27 million per season.


      1. Can’t disagree too much with that Andy. Best hope for Read or MacDonald is Vegas. Maybe the NHL can “fix” the league like the NBA has a tendency to do 🙂 and throw the flyers a bone. It seems like avoiding bad contract is more important in winning a Cup than having talent. Thanks Holmgrem.

        Flyers need the youth movement to get started, let them learn on the job. Time is ticking on Giroux. I get the feeling that G will be more a second line C by the time the kinks get worked out of the salary cap issues.

  3. Glad that little wetback Gonzo is leaving town, can’t believe he married that nfl chick, woukd live to stick my bird n balls up in her nappy dugout

  4. Harrison Barnes has star power? At what? Building a house out of all those bricks he put up in the finals? He is not that good. Teams focus so much attention on Steph, Klay and Draymond, and when they needed Barnes to do something, he choked at every opportunity. Hard pass.

    The sole fact that Kyle likes him means the Sixers should pass on him, because he’s wrong about the evaluation of pretty much every athlete ever.

  5. I have been behind Hextall’s plan of building through the draft and slowly get rid of the dead weight contracts Homer left him. So far he’s gotten rid of Pronger and Vinny, now he needs a sucker for MacDonalds ridiculous contract.

    My question is at what point do you pull the plug on Giroux and Vorachek and trade them at their maximum value? If Hexy thinks this team can win a cup in the next 2-3 years then you keep them, but if it’s more then 4-5 years, they will be past their prime.

    1. name a team that would want Giroux or Vorachek? both are highly overrated and try to slide by with minimum effort.

  6. Hey Jim, can you stop creepily always sending me tweets. I don’t know who you are and you got no shot dude so let it go.

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