Video: Dario Saric Arriving in Philly

Jim crushed it at the airport, getting Dario Saric coming off the plane and speaking with the media. The full video – which includes a lot of waiting around – was streamed live on Facebook. Here it is– Dario arrives at 19:30:

After arriving, Saric checked into the Ritz:

Side note: Jim might quit tomorrow after my barrage of texts while he was taking the video:

Voila_Capture 2016-07-14_05-20-54_PM

I’m great to work for.

UPDATE: OH JESUS CHRIST. At least let the man get a shower and have sexy time first:

H/T to (@Bryan_Barth_7)


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    1. Dario should head over to cheerleaders and get his dick sucked to celebrate

      1. I extorted some dumb black dude at cheerleaders one time maybe we met

  1. Yo Dario, come down to Passyunk Ave tonight and hang with me, Boo, and Spags.

  2. He blew you off. The word’s out buddy, stay the hell out of airports.

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