Yesterday began SEPTA’s Long Road of Regional Rail Bedlam with timetable for an end in sight. With 120 RR cars out of commission, trains ran late and less frequently, were full beyond comprehension, skipped stations because they were too full, and all at full price. And its only getting worse as the people who turned their three-day weekend into a three-day week by taking Tuesday off are now back to work:

Not only do Regional Rail trains seem to run late as it is when it’s hot out, but now you’re crammed like sardines in a can that actually smells worse and is barreling down the tracks, full of people and their body heat, while the AccuWeather “RealFeel” is 104°:

real feel

And the not-new website that lets you know if SEPTA is in bad shape has never been more useful:

septa fucked

But hey there’s good news! A lot of people will be here for the Democratic National Convention soon, and the trains might not be back in service by then. I’m sorry. That’s not at all good news, but I just wanted to lead you on.