Podcasts: Crossing Streams (Episode 50) with Special Guest John Gonzalez, The Stepover (Episode 2)

On Crossing Streams, Jim and I were joined by John Gonzalez, who recently left CSN to go be a first househusband of LA. We talked about the Sixers, the antiquated views regurgitated by many in the local media, why Philly probably wasn’t the right place for tanking, Sam Hinkie’s brilliance and flaws, Joshua Harris, and more. Really good, insightful conversation with someone who spent a lot of time around the Sixers organization.

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On The Stepover, Jim and Max talk about Dario SHAR-itch’s arrival and the genuinely idiotic takes from Nick Fierro and Marcus Hayes.

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Oh and for what it’s worth– Jim’s podcast is ahead of Shaq’s, Barstool’s and Katie Nolan’s podcast in top charts in iTunes:IMG_7833

IMG_7834 IMG_7835

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  1. The iTunes rankings change by the hour though, so congrats. This means, well, not a whole lot really.

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